Are you willing to buy watches online and if so, in what price range?

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Every participant of the survey will get a free download of a WatchTime Rolex E-Special.

The survey will take 2 minutes and is confidential, we will not share the reader data or results with anyone else outside of the Ebner Group. No reader-specific user data will be stored.

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  • Alex,

    For me although I bought a few Sinn’s online (U1-T and a U212) I do like to see how they look on the wrist which is why I like having access to a store.

    Additional you have the chance to see the details up close. I think a great compromise is having an AD visit and show watches so you can decide and then buy online. This I think is the best of both worlds!


  • Though, I took part in the survey, I am very apprehensive about buying things on-line. I would rather visit a conventional Brick & Mortar Store to buy watches or any other things.

  • I have bought online already 3 Stowa from Germany and 2 Steinhart from Nidau/Sitzerland. Both with perfect service: confirmation, invoice, payment, delivery.

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