The old poll is closed. Omega is your favorite brand! A new poll is open!

I counted 3623 votes and the result couldn´t be clearer. With 925 of all votes or 26 % Omega is your favorite brand. Click here and discover all the other results…

First of all THANK YOU very much for voting. 3623 votes clearly reflect your opinion, 3623 votes do also show your big interest and 3623 votes are an interesting result for the brands representatives visiting my blog and reading my posts and your comments.

Bonjour mes amis! What so you think? Do you like our vote?

What I see is that you guys seem to prefer brands with a lot of historical background, brands that have stories to tell and brands that have manufacturing power. What astonishes me is that Omega and Jaeger-LeCoultre are listed before Rolex. Normally what ever you write and tell about Rolex people like without even questioning it. By the way, the most viewed post of my blog is the one showing the Rolex novelties.

Also watch magazines use the power of Rolex to boost the sales. Every edition of a known watch magazine having a Rolex model on the cover sells better than with any other watch on the cover. The only problem these watch magazines have is: they can´t put only Rolex on the cover.

Concerning the poll you guys made the difference: it seems that your horological life is not only about Rolex. Very cool!

What surprises me a little is that there is such a gap between Omega and Jaeger-LeCoultre, whilst the gap between Jaeger-LeCoultre and Rolex is only 28 votes.

Omega apparently is doing everything right. The brand offers fantastic timepieces for still reasonable prices and Omega is one of the technology leaders of these days.

Jaeger-LeCoultre is getting stronger and stronger. More and more people seem to realize the real qualities of the manufacture in the Vallée de Joux.

Rolex performing well but is no longer the leader of the pack. In my eyes there is just not enough innovation. Just changing the color of dials and bezels is not enough.

Interesting also that IWC and Zenith do almost have the same votes? Must IWC now be worried about Zenith?

IWC became a much more lifestyle brand in the last years. This is good since many more care about IWC now. Before this step IWC was just a regional brand known in Europe and some other countries. The now international acting IWC  just has to be careful not to forget its heritage and of course its very technical “ingenieur” background.

Zenith is going strong, no doubt. The iconic chronograph movement and the concentration on the brands rich horological history are definitively the right cocktail to be successful.

Quite weak in my eyes were your votes for Audemars Piguet. With all its background I would have expected the manufacture to perform stronger. Hopefully the new CEO François-Henry Bennahmias will now set course for a much brighter future.

Even worst is the result for Panerai. Is the hype over? In terms of movements available and quality offered Panerai has definitely done its homework. But, is this enough?

Breitling could also have done much better. People still seem not to be aware of the new manufacturing power and the variety of in-house calibers offered.

For TAG Heuer and Longines this a very close result, showing us that the two brands really compete for the same clients in the same segment. Yes, Longines is heavily attacking TAG Heuer!

TAG Heuer must improve its products offered in the middle price segment. The gap in-between the interesting high-tech developments and the average product is too big. Please listen to my interview with the new TAG Heuer CEO Stéphane Linder to learn more about his strategy.

Longines’ performance is just impressive. The brand is the leader in the middle price segment and still growing strong. If you seek big value for less money, today Longines is the brand you should look at.

Why Hublot took the last place I cannot explain. In my opinion Hublot offers a wide range of interesting timepieces and Hublot is generally seen as a cool and trendy brand. Now with the Unico in-house chronograph caliber the brand is getting even sexier …


Looking foreword to your comments! poll result poll result




25 replies on “The old poll is closed. Omega is your favorite brand! A new poll is open!”
  1. says: franz

    Some people like an outstanding history or nice old stories, some like design and others prefer technical innovation. Sometimes we are influenced by good PR, sometimes by personell experiences expressed in an internet blog.
    From my perspective Omega is the brand which serves most of these aspects and chanels best, so they are attracting more voters than other brands which are strong in only one or two fields.

    With its long history and the technological expertise and the marketing power of the Swatchgroup it is not a surprise to see Omega at the top of the list.


  2. says: Tom

    The poll was bound to be inaccurate from the beginning! There was no Patek Philippe to be considered!! Patek should always be allowed in contests like this one.
    Great fun though Alexander. Thank you.

    1. I left out PPC since the brand stands above all others, together with A. Lange & Söhne, Breguet and Vacheron Constantin. The only brand in my mix that maybe should have been in there was Cartier.

        1. says: Tom

          Sorry I’ve clicked on a “post” button too soon. The brand that mislead me was AP (if there is AP why not PP,VC and so on),they would be tremendously disappointed to see that you do not think they are in the same league.

  3. says: Urs Stutz

    At times where the money for watch purchases don’t flow so easily anymore, a brand with best value for the money will grow and I think that this is exactly happening with Omega (Great technology with the coaxial movement at a reasonable price).
    Other brands seem to have forgotten that they have to deliver “something” for the money and not only invest in marketing or parties with film stars. Zenith went that path under the management of T. Nataf and luckily has recovered from this approach, supplying today nice watches at a reasonable price again. IMHO IWC seems to copy the zenith/Nataf approach at the moment by increasing the watch prize every year and reducing the offer (e.g. New Ingenieur line without magnetic protection, Spitfire with inhouse caliber without any polishing etc.). As I’m an IWC fan I hope that they will change again.

  4. says: PATRICK

    Great poll thanks! It would have been interesting to put Cartier in the poll as they are with Rolezx and Omega in the big three in term of sale by value.

  5. says: Abdulaziz

    No wonder Tag Heuer gets 3%, my grand carrera caliber 6 unfortunately always a head of time.Repair did not fix the problem. I will never buy Tag Heuer any more. The same problem faces Ebel BTR. They r officially certified!!!!!!

  6. says: Alphonse

    Rolex is the most known watch (and a very good watch, no doubt about it)
    but that does not mean that Rolex is the best watch… I always prefer IWC or Jaeger before Rolex.(My true love is A. Lange & Sohne)
    Panerai is beautiful, but too expensive for what they have to offer (in my modest opinion)..
    Congratulations Mr.Linz keep up the good work!!!
    PD: I read your blog EVERY DAY. Thanks for everyting.

  7. says: Thomas

    Alexander, very interesting poll. Who would have guessed TAG Heuer & AP doing so bad. AP is clear to me if you are only riding on Royal Oak and Offshore and not doing any improvements then you go backwards nowadays. TAG Heuer is two years behind in the middle range by developing their own movements. But you can clearly see that JLC besides coming out with interesting watches had huge success with their marketing strategy. To me no surprise about Panarei & Hublot.

    1. says: Nick Senn

      yes, riding a more than 30 years old Royal Oak, that makes more than 2/3 of revenue.
      One little cool-off in the market and they will finish on sale.

  8. says: Abdulaziz

    From my experience, i bought Rolex date just II just as a social pressure. In fact, no comparison at all with my 312 Panerai. Furthermore, Martin Braun the blue’s accuracy should be alluded to.

    1. says: Tom

      Buying a watch because of a “social pressure” ?????? Wow!! I feel sorry for you buddy.

  9. says: Johnny

    I think Omega have the upper hand in this sort of poll as although people marvel at some of the Rolex, AP, etc because of their movements and beauty, actually owning an Omega is that much more realistic. They produce a great range of watches at affordable prices making them so much more desirable to watch fans like me who are on a budget! Their history and the way they advertise and market their products (007) makes them a household name. I think someone who isn’t necessarily a big watch buff or fan but is looking for a quality timepiece would be inclined to go for an Omega because of the happy medium they have found between quality and cost and also their accessibility.

    1. says: Nick Senn

      there are the ones that buy a watch as a technical product and the ones that go for a “statement on my wrist”
      the first are inclined to take Omega
      the second need a watch that shouts “look at my price”

      The mentality behind is totally different.

      1. says: Tom

        You are simplifying this way too much Nick. There is a lot of watches a lot more complicated than Omega being sold every day. Most of the time it is all about the price. Omega is cranking out tons of very affordable, simple(technically speaking) watches that a lot of people can afford and so in polls like this one brand like Omega is almost always going to win. Simply, there is more owners of Omega watches than AP,JLC or Rolex etc.

        1. says: Nick Senn

          I’m not simplifying; I’m talking about watches and not about complications.

          A. Lange und Sohne is a brand specifically centered on complications, where even a golden case has an insignificant role.

  10. says: Amir

    I wonder if the other foot will fall with Hublot; I see them possibly having the same fate as Panerai– a lot of interest for a relatively short period of time.

    I’m merely speculating here: but it seems that Omega has a lot of attributes intersecting to create a lot of interest. Plenty of marketing, their own movements, a rich horological history, and some affordability.

    Though I like what Breitling has been doing (new Transocean line, downsizing some models) they need more time to destroy the old image they have as being big and blingy.

    I’m surprised and encouraged by the interest in Jaeger.

    1. says: Nick Senn

      when I see a Breitling watch I always think on that “Saturday night fewer” actor :)))
      short: no buy

  11. says: Dr Kaye

    This appears to be clearly biased on affordability and, perhaps, practicality.

    Omega’s are mass produced, and do not come close to AP or Hublot. Then again, this is pretty obvious.

    Interesting vote on Hublot, which I can only attribute to their exclusivity.

    Thanks for your post.

    Dr Kaye

  12. says: Nick Senn

    I also vote Omega!

    AP depends too much from Royal Oak; rest of the watch line is jewellery-gold.

  13. says: Dave

    Interesting results. I wonder how much price factored into the rankings. The entry point for an AP is around $17,000.

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