This is real clever guerrilla marketing! Chapeau Hublot!

On a helipad you always land on a big “H” to signalize the helicopter´s pilot were to land. Just some days ahead of the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix Hublot unveiled something special and indeed very clever …

To make the story short in my eyes this is clever guerrilla marketing. I know this has nothing to do with watches, but one couldn’t have done better and I want you to see this…

During the upcoming Monaco Formula 1-GP all the VIPs and celebrities arrive by helicopter on the Monaco helipad. Also when you visit Monaco it is the most convenient way to get from the airport of Nice to Monaco. Instead of traveling by car for an hour your heli-flight lasts less than ten minutes and it offers you a wonderful panoramic view of the area. By the way: During the year the ride is not so expensive that one could not afford it and it´s worth doing it. Only during the Formula 1 GP the prices zoom up since all flights are totally overbooked.

So now imagine everyone arriving at the helipad in the next days and in the future will see four times the Hublot-Logo and for sure land on one of it. Very cool idea Hublot!

Please also read what Hublot just wrote to me

Alexander, a first in Monaco …

A project to coincide with the Grand Prix weekend, when the eyes of the world are on the Principality (installation took place last Monday). It’s already been hailed as a welcome and original idea. Late this morning, Thursday 23rd May 2013, Monaco helipads marked with Hublot’s stylized “H” were unveiled in the presence of HSH the Prince Albert II of Monaco and Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot.

This unique, innovative initiative was developed and led by the prestigious company Monacair, the official transporter of HSH the Sovereign Prince Albert II of Monaco, which has teamed up with Hublot to offer anyone arriving in Monaco by helicopter during the Grand Prix week – VIPs, guests, stables, drivers, press, as well as residents and visitors – a personalized welcome, complete with red carpet and a small signature gift courtesy of Hublot and Monacair.

Since it was founded in 1988, Monacair has acquired unique experience in VIP transport aimed at customers seeking a high-quality, personalized service. Its ceaseless quest for high-quality expertise earned Monacair the prestigious title of Official Supplier to HSH the Sovereign Prince Albert II of Monaco in 1999. Monacair is now world-renowned for its experience and professionalism in personalized VIP service.


And these are some pictures to show you HSH the Prince Albert II of Monaco and Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot and of course the Hublot branded Monaco helipad.




Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot arriving at the Monaco helipad …




Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot (in the middle)  and HSH the Prince Albert II of Monaco (right)




This is the exit to Monaco… Hublot welcomes the guests …








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  1. says: Debashish

    Hublot has always been master of innovation & has always been involved with Formula 1 Grand Prix!

    Great job Hublot!

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