The Swatch Group Half-Year Report 2013

The Swatch group is still going strong despite the one or other negative headline about the Swiss watch industry. Check out more here …

To start here are some first figures:

  • The Group’s gross sales were up 8.7% to CHF 4 181 million, versus the very strong figures recorded in the first half of 2012.
  • Benchmarked to the 1.5% export growth for wristwatches of the Swiss watch industry in the first half of 2013, the segment Watches & Jewelry (now including Production) growth was more than 9%.
  • Compared to the end of 2012, headcount increased by more than 1150, of which 560 in Switzerland, to 31 000 worldwide.
  • An operating profit of CHF 910 million was recorded, with an operating margin of 22.7%, despite a high marketing spend, important investments in innovative and revolutionary products and production methods, and the integration of Harry Winston.
  • Net income increased by 6.1% compared to the first half of 2012 to CHF 768 million, with a 19.2% return on net sales.
  • Sustained growth experienced in all regions.
  • Positive outlook for a strong second half of 2013.


Everyone who has listened to my interview with Nick Hayek, the President of the Executive Group Management Board and member of the Board of Directors of the Swatch Group, knows why this giant is performing well.

You have not listened to the interview yet? Shame on you 🙂 Please click HERE to directly get to my interview if you wish …

I do also recommend you to listen to my interview with Nayla Hayek, she is the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the Swatch Group.  You can find the interview HERE

And, I do also recommend to listen to my interview with Marc Hayek, member of the Executive Group Management Board of Swatch Group and responsible for the luxury brands of the group. You can find the interview HERE

In the end the ongoing success of the Group is guaranteed by the family Hayek, who carries foreward the heritage of Nicolas G. Hayek, the founder and former Chairman and Delegate of the Board of Directors of the Swatch Group.


Now, for those among you wanting to go into details this is the full Swatch Group Half-Year Reort 2013 to read through …

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  • Omega is investing, while many competitors specialize in marketing.

    I wonder what is next at Omega and Breguet after the non magnetic calibers.
    New models?

    I have a strange feeling that Blancpain is not that cared about as it should be.

  • Watchmaking.Fantastic industry. Fantastic figures. How far from, lets say, Abraham Louis Breguet or maybe Abraham Louis Perrelet, or…etc. etc.

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