What´s your opinion on these 6 x 2 watches? Vote for your favorite!

I am presenting you 6 pairs of watches that are absolutely comparable. You will discover 12 brands and 6 type of watches. Let me know which 6 watches are your personal favorites and tell us why …


Welcome everybody!

Tonight I really want your opinion… These 6 pairs of watches represent 12 brands. Every pair is in principle very similar but obviously there are differences/preferences and this is exactly what I ask you to tell us…

I will not mention prices here, because I want you to decide spontaneously. I will also not give you all technical data, since I want you to decide spontaneously. I will ad no personal comment here since I want you to decide spontaneously.

What is important is the fact that these 6 pairs are comparable: By type of watch, movement used, price, size and so on …

PLEASE vote for your favorite and let us know why ….



A. Lange & Söhne / Breguet

Both are very elegant and also very flat watches equipped with an in-house calibre. The A. Lange & Sohne is hand wound the Breguet is powered by an automatic calibre. Both watch cases are made out of red gold …


A. Lange & Soehne Saxonia Thin
A. Lange & Soehne Saxonia Thin


Breguet Classique 7147
Breguet Classique 7147



Mido / Montblanc

This elegant pair offers a lot of value for money. Both watches show the running second and the date. Both watches are powered by a comparable calibre, but not by an in-house one. The Mido´s steel case is covered by red gold PVD but still is a steel watch.


Mido Belluna
Mido Belluna


Montblanc Heritage Chronometrie Collection Twincounter Date
Montblanc Heritage Chronometrie Collection Twincounter Date



Oris / Tudor

Bronze & bronze … Both cases are made out of bronze. A natural material that will change its look when being worn on the wrist. Both watches are powered by an automatic calibre. The Tudor features an in-house calibre, the Oris a Sellita …


Oris Carl Brashear Limited Edition
Oris Carl Brashear Limited Edition





Omega / Rolex

GMT is the main function of this pair of watches. Both watches feature a ceramic bezel and an in-house calibre. Both watches do exactly the same / look very similar but are made my two different manufacturers …


Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT
Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT


Rolex GMT-Master II
Rolex GMT-Master II



Audemars Piguet / IWC Schaffhausen

Diving with a fancy chronograph … Two slightly different approaches. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore and the IWC Schaffhausen Aquatimer are powered by an in-house chronograph calibre.


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Chronograph
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Chronograph






Girard-Perregaux / Zenith

Both chronographs have cars in mind and are dedicated to petrol heads. Both chronographs are powered by an in-house calibre. Both chronographs mirror a great name on the dial …


Girard-Perregaux Stradale Chronograph
Girard-Perregaux Stradale Chronograph


Zenith El Primero 36.000 vph Classic Cars
Zenith El Primero 36.000 vph Classic Cars






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35 replies on “What´s your opinion on these 6 x 2 watches? Vote for your favorite!”
  1. says: Jeffrey Seider

    Hi Alex:
    I found your blog link via. Watchtime’s newsletter. The subject of their article, concerned “affordable watches”.
    In the NEW WORLD, of time on a phone, I fear, that “affordable” watches all the way up to Luxury Brands, will fade. This is truly sad. As your readers, and most of us “Older Folks” have expressed, time and again, there is no substitute for the watchmaking art: regardless of what you paid for what you could afford. Why spend 100K for speakers, or a Stereo System, when you can stream music from your phone? Same premise. Affordable, to me, is the price you pay for the quality and accuracy of a product. Those of us, who appreciate, craftsmanship, historical perspective of a company, longevity, and YES, affordability – “Bang for the Buck”, in any brand or price level – New or Used, know what I mean.
    Thanks for your time.

  2. says: Jamie

    1. A. Lange & Söhne – cleaner design for me works best here
    2. Mido – red gold is cool on this watch
    3. Tudor – colours work better in my opinion and of cause the in house mvt.
    4. Omega – seems more special to me
    5. IWC Schaffhausen – AP is hideous!
    6. Zenith – like more classic look

  3. says: Harald

    Hi Alexander,

    I take a break from pondering over a Jaquet Droz watch, and give you my opinion:

    1. Lange. Cleaner, timeless design. (Breguet is an honorable brand but the style is too baroque for me – with 51, I am still too young for this watch.)
    2. Mido. I honor the history of the brand and the fact that NASA invited Mido to provide a watch for the astronauts in ’62 – unfortunately, Mido did not answer the call. (Montblanc to me still means Fountain Pens)
    3. Oris. Because I own it.
    4. Rolex, although I hate the Cyclops. (On the Omega, the black/white solution for “6” and “18” is absolutely ugly.)
    5. AP. A summer watch must have bright colors, and AP is AP!
    6. Girard-Perregaux! (I used to like Zenith before Mr. Baumgartner became a testimonial of the brand).

  4. says: guy williams

    Breguet, Montblanc, Tudor, AP, Zenith

    Honestly, I would be proud to wear any of the presented watches.

    All great watches, Alexander.

  5. says: Alexander Linz

    Thank you everyone for your opinions! Very cool, I like your answers very much! Keep them coming!

  6. says: Itai

    1. Breguet: Nice, clean and great movement

    2. Montblanc

    3. Tudor: I think the bronze model is a hit!

    4. Rolex: classic look, Clean lines, everlasting. Omega is too busy

    5. AP: AP is AP 🙂

    6. GP: great dial and strap.

  7. says: Robert

    1. Breguet – more life to it, more detail. ALS is a bit too minimal
    2. Montblanc – prefer the SS over the rose gold, otherwise close
    3. Oris by a slim margin. The color scheme is more interesting, Tudor a bit monochrome.
    4. Rolex – not a fan of the extra crown on the Omega.
    5. IWC by a long shot. That AP is tacky
    6. GP – cleaner layout, classic lines. Zenith is quite busy in comparison.

  8. says: Eduardo

    1) L&S , because the design is more simple than Breguet .
    2) Montblanc ..Bicompax for me is timeless , the Mido too red to be true.
    3) Tudor because the design has better finish.
    4) Omega because Rolex has only 40mm , common Rolex made other size, 42mm for instance
    5) IWC without any doubt. This AP is for new rich men..¡ What´s a hell !the designer was looking a baroque cathedral
    6) Zenith over the GP . Is beautiful and the caliber el primero is too much for GP

  9. says: Dartagnan

    1. A Lange Sohne – contemporary simplicity combined with a look of timeless elegance.
    2. Montblanc – The Mido is a little overwrought. The Montblanc’s simplicity of design is very appealing.
    3. Tudor – cool watch in a cool metal.
    4. Rolex – The Omega bezel is just too much!
    5. AP – The IWC is trying too hard. The AP is a classic.
    6. Tie – not a fan of either really.

  10. says: RTS

    1 – A. Lange & Soehne
    2 – Mido
    3 – Oris
    4 – Omega
    5 – IWC
    6 – Zenith.

  11. says: Adil


    1. Breguet: like the blue hands. Great contrast on the dial.

    2. Montblanc: very clean lines.

    3. Oris: love the blue dial.

    4. Rolex: classic look. Clean lines.

    5. IWC: good looking black on black watch.

    6. GP: great dial. Great strap.

  12. says: Phil

    1. Breguet – blue hands and textured face.
    2. Montblanc 12 and 6 numbers look classy
    3. Tudor – love the distressed band and overall look
    4. Omega
    5. Audemars P – just love the orange. Bold.
    6. Zenith – love the different smaller dial variations

  13. says: Nikola

    Hello Alex,
    thank you for interesting poll. So…:
    1. A. Lange & Soehne Saxonia Thin – Shape of case; combination of colors: case, strap and dial; simplicity and readability of the dial.
    2. Mido Belluna – Reasons? Same like A. Lange & Soehne.
    А clarification – I don’t like only gold watches, but in this two pairs they looks better. I prefer “silver/white” color for case: stainless steel, silver, white gold, platinum. Like this: Frederique Constant Classics Automatic
    FC-303MC3P6 (http://frederiqueconstant.com/watch-finder/classics/classics-automatic-fc-303mc3p6/) or Baume & Mercier CLASSIMA – 10214 (http://www.baume-et-mercier.com/en/classima-10214.html) and other like them. Shape of case can be different from round.
    More of them I like curved rectangular watches like this one: Eva Leube Ari Watch (http://www.ablogtowatch.com/eva-leube-ari-watch/).
    3. Oris Carl Brashear Limited Edition – combination of colors and vew as all.
    4. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT – Vew as all.
    5. IWC SCHAFFHAUSEN AQUATIMER – Pure, simple vew. I
    elude conspicuous watches.
    6. Girard-Perregaux Stradale Chronograph – More stylish, for me, from this Zenith.
    That is my opinion. You search from me/us to decide spontaneously. Аccording to vew of the watches, not from functions.

  14. says: Steve

    Great Choices. Decisions, decisions.

    1 – Breguet – Elegant
    2 – Mido – Unclutered
    3 – Oris/Tudor – A toss up but give it to the Oris
    4 – Omega – No doubt (BTW both great watches)
    5 Audemars Piguet – Because it is orange and orange is the last color you see when diving and on the verge of passing out (supposedly)
    6 – Giraurd Perregaux – Better strap to case integration

  15. says: Rafael Fortunato

    Hello Alexander,

    my preferences:

    1: L&S – Classic and elegant hand watch;
    2: MIDO – This brand don’t have representation in some countries. For me, more exclusive.
    3: Tudor – Just like the brand and style;
    4: Omega – Always different, always the same. The dynamic.
    5: IWC – more comfortable to my eyes;
    6: Zenith – great chronograph and brown colour.

  16. says: Allan

    1: Brequet beautiful classic elegant
    2: Rolex robust and classical design
    Why not e.g. Patek etc.

  17. says: Mircea

    Hello Alexander,
    these are my choices:
    1. Breguet – a bit more sophisticated and richer design
    2. Montblanc – Mido also looks fine, but I don’t like gold watches
    3. Oris – because we don’t compare the inside caliber
    4. Rolex – usualy I prefer Omega, especially Planet Ocean, but at this model the bezel is dizzily
    5. IWC – was hard to decide… maybe because IWC seems to be more practical
    6. Zenith – even if brown is not my favorite colour, Zenith looks a bit more dynamic

  18. says: Prem Amido

    1) Breguet

    2) Montblanc

    3) Thats difficult, I would have to see + compare both watches in real. The Tudor has the more interesting inhouse movement but the Oris on the fotos looks better to me + it has the emotinally more more moving story behind.
    I would choose the Oris at present.

    4) Omega

    5) Audemars Piguet

    6) Girad-Perregaux

  19. says: Joseph Conway

    1. Breguet has more class.
    2. Mido is easier reading
    3. Oris looks sharper
    4. Omega movements are more refined than Rolex
    5. IWC. The Audemars, a name I respect, is too busy looking.
    6. GP. I was ready to say Zenith but the GP is much easier reading with a very sharp look that means business

  20. says: Debashish

    My selection would be:-

    1) Breguet, as I think Breguet is the greatest watch brand on earth, though most of the Breguets are beyond my means unfortunately.

    2) Montblanc, as during the last few years Montblanc has created some stunning watches at affordable rates.

    3) Tudor, due to its great styling and in-house movement.

    4) Rolex, undoubtedly more classical, yet I own more Omegas than Rolexes ironically.

    5) IWC, as I hate AP’s orange colour.

    6) Zenith, as they create truly great chronographs at affordable rates.

  21. says: Schon Poel

    1. Lange: I prefer the simpler, calmer design.
    2. Montblanc: Gold plating is a no-go. (If the Oris would be in steel as well, then Oris)
    3. Oris: The snowflake Hand of the Tudor is a no-go.
    4. Rolex: I don’t like the new design of the Omega. The dashed line on the bezel drives me crazy.
    5. IWC: The overall design speaks more to me and I especially like the internal bezel ring system.
    6. GP: Well-designed chronograph. And the overlapping sub-dials on the Zenith are a no-go.

  22. says: Amir

    1. Breguet. Though thin, the Breguet still looks like a Breguet because of the beautiful dial and case finising. (Ironically, I love Lange, and would choose it over Patek any day– but for this instance I’m going with the Classique.)

    2. Montblanc. The design works better for me; I like the symmetry.

    3. Oris. I will concede the Tudor is probably a better built watch (with an arguably better movement), but I’m making the choice based on one small detail: I prefer the Oris bezel. I like that the entire bezel is bronze and does not have an insert. I’ll be able to see the patina on more of the watch.

    4. Rolex. I don’t like dive watches to have GMT bezels (also ironic because I’ve owned more Omegas than Rolexes, but again, just picking between these two specific models).

    5. Audemars Piguet. More prestigious than the IWC (especially an Aquatimer).

    6. Zenith. I like the heritage of the movement over GP.

  23. says: Jason Sloán

    Omega/Rolex GMT. I had a ROlex GMT Master II on my wrist for ten years ne’er serviced, I only ever had to wind it once and that was because I was ill in bed.
    I like to have the second 24 hour facility time zone. I reluctantly parted with the watch but did make a thousand pounds , not many things you can own and use and still make money on ..

  24. says: Berton Kanne

    GP and Zenith. Classic, tasteful and never trendy or faddish. Chronographs have a complicated and technical appearance that is very appealing. The chronograph looks perfect in dress and casual situations.

  25. says: Romuald

    Just to let you know what I like
    1) L&S – in thih category is more elegant
    2) Montblanc – because of dial and case colour,,
    3) Tudor – true vintage
    4) Rolex – more clasical
    5) AP – looks acc. to its own idea, IWC is an idea followed,
    6) GP just lighter so that more readable.

  26. says: Hans

    You have put a line with 12 ladies. I have decided to go for miss Breguet, she looks really nice. Miss AP looks terrible in her orange dress, need to loose weight.

  27. says: Thomas

    My 1st preference would be GP & Zenith. I always like Chronometers you can wear them at any occasion.
    My 2nd preference would be L&S & Breguet. Both a very classical watches timeless and a very good investment. I would buy this for my Grand Child or Nephew. Especially this Breguet model I always liked it. Just above my price range.

  28. says: Norman Plotkin

    ALS and Breguet. They are stunning and I would love to have one of them.

  29. says: Billy

    Hello Alex,
    They are all beautiful/handsome watches but my vote will go for the Rolex and Omega…both watches have classic looks and will, undoubtedly, perform with precision. I’m saving my dollars to purchase one of these fine watches.

  30. says: Yury

    Hello Alex,
    thank you for interesting poll. So,
    1. ALS/Breguet. My choice is Breguet Classique. It’s a typical Breguet while Saxonia isn’t recognizable model. The recognition factor is very important for this segment, IMHO.
    2. Mido/MTB. I vote for Montblanc at least because it have an honest steel case and don’t pretend to be more expensive than really due to golden PVD.
    3. Oris/Tudor. Tudor’s styling is better plus it has in-house movement.
    4. Omega/Rolex. I choose Seamaster between suggested versions, BUT if you put Batman, my choice would have been different.
    5. AP/IWC. Diving watches isn’t my cup of tea, but definitely ROO Diver. It looks more catchy and modern.
    6. GP/Zenith. Without any doubt, Zenith. New Stradale has unreasonable price and tiny movement which is not suited to their size (as almost all GP watches).

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