HYT comes with new hydromechanical watch, the HYT H20

Where we did a review on the HYT H0 recently HYT announced a new model, the HYT H20. Where the H0 hides most of the mechanics underneath the dial. On the HYT H20 you get full visual access to the mechanics and liquid. Due to the large sapphire and hour markers on the front face supported by numbers on the side you can read the time in most conditions and angles.

3D transparency

Liquid matters. This fundamental truth is the inspiration, essence and driver of the H20. The new watch by HYT offers radical perspectives on time, through mesmerizing 3D transparency, plus a shape resembling a smoothed stone that has weathered time to perfection. It showcases the essential HYT union of art and science, mirrored by the capacity to defy gravity and measure the passage of time beautifully using fluids. This technology joins forces with a mechanical movement in a coherent whole, symbolic of a fundamental, fascinating fusion of time and space. What it boils down to is a unique timepiece that respects, facilitates and treasures the flow of time.

The visible H20 timing concept is rooted in the continuous movement of a colored and a transparent fluid in a capillary. Like a flourishing river, time never stands still. This technology reflects that core philosophy. A cloche-like sapphire crystal offers an intriguing lateral view of time’s progress. It takes the memory to the pristine equipment of a science laboratory and the imagination to the protective display of a precious item, in this case time. Viewed from the side, the digits, markers and directive arrows appear to be floating. Yet their anchor is pure precision.

Limited to 25 pieces each

There are two limited editions of the H20, each comprising 25 numbered pieces. One is clothed in black and harbors a bright green fluid; the other has a silver-colored case and deep blue liquid. Their universal design language is transparency, accenting aesthetics and technical detail simultaneously. The angled positioning of the two bellows that propel time forward in the patented HYT micro-fluidic module is the gateway to an overall appearance with a distinctive 3D character. A jumping minute hand, crown position indicator and thermal indicator are further elements of this live performance in a meticulously constructed theater of time. The H20 traces and embraces the essence of flow.

Technical Specifications

Case material: 1.4435 stainless steel
Dimension: 51mm
Movement: Exclusive HYT movement
Power:192 Hours from manual winding
Water resistance: 30meter / 3ATM
Dial: Black luminescent
Strap: Black rubber strap with titanium folding clasp
HYT H2o price is TBA


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