Baselworld 2013 … Interview with Corum CEO Antonio Calce

Please listen to the interview and get first-hand knowledge concerning the takeover of Corum by the China Haidian Group and the future of the brand Corum.

This is real interesting stuff guys … And we also talked about Eterna and its future, since both brands now belong to the China Haidian Group …



Corum CEO Antonio Calce







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4 replies on “Baselworld 2013 … Interview with Corum CEO Antonio Calce”
  1. says: Spellbound

    Excellent interview. I am not convinved every effort was made to find a Swiss buyer or consortium of buyers. Based in Shanghai, I have had first hand experience with dealing with the Chinese. Initially they are smooth talking and say all the right words, but after the deal is sealed, their sole focus is ROE. This may not be a bad thing for other industries, but for luxury watches…..
    I am sure it will not be long before Mr Calce resigns.

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