SIHH 2014 – Interview with Richard Mille

Richard Mille

Interviewing my fried Richard is always a pleasure. Beside talking about his novelties Richard also unveiled some interesting key figures of his company. Turnover, pieces sold, critical size of growth? I have the answers! Just click on read more …


Monsieur Richard Mille  …


Richard Mille
Richard Mille


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  • Well, lower price can not lead to quality as well as newer design costs. Mr. Mille is right

  • Delightful interview just like Richard’s personality! He showed me the Loeb G Sensor yesterday and I find it a very difficult watch to take pictures of!! Amazing brand and I love it!

  • Delightful interview! I think he is right, lowering the average price and trying to sell volumes will hurt the brand in the long term. I think unfortunatelly a lot of people that buy RM also buy them because they are status simbols and theese people don’t want to pay 500k on a watch from a brand that would be confused with a 10k watch. Can’y wait to see live photos of the pieces!

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