30 million page impressions per month should tell us the truth. This are the most wanted watches in China, Germany and USA

Amazing what those looking online for a watch tell us about their preferences. In cooperation with Chrono24.com my colleagues from CHRONOS just presented these results.

Chrono24.com is a huge watch platform. 30 million page impressions per month is an impressing figure. Chrono24.com provided some figures to my colleagues from CHRONOS at our headquarters in Ulm Germany and what you can see is quite interesting. The clicks on a brand, on a watch don´t tell us if the one finally bought a watch, the clicks just show us the interest of those who were online at Chrono24.com recently.

Three Rolex in the lead in Germany (Deutschland), China and the US, followed by Omega´s and again Rolex. Wow!

That makes me believe the actual watch world is divided into the world of Omega and Rolex? At least it looks like!

Have fun with the results and please let me know what you think about.


The illustration is taken from watchtime.net for more details click HERE

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