A new Poll is open… Please vote!

Let me ask you which novelties of the brands mentioned at the POLL at the right side of the blog you liked most. And let me show you the stunning result of our last POLL


This is the result of our last poll… 2016 people voted and now look at the stunning results…


Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-08 um 22.23.13



What are your thoughts when you see these results? Please let me know!

I am very curious to read your comments … 🙂











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7 replies on “A new Poll is open… Please vote!”
  1. says: Juste

    2 highest votes and 4 lowest are significant to be considered seriously.
    Rest of score are out of actual meaning.
    You may have enlarged a bit competitors when looking at the questions
    AP, JLC desserve to compete in term of design,innovation where they can shake this vision of AAAAAAA brands.

  2. says: Dartagnan

    I’m surprised Lange didn’t garner more of the voting block. There is no question that Patek is the undisputed PERCEIVED “most prestigious brand” – just look at horological Auction results from the last 10 years. But watchmaking is as much about marketing as it is about artisanship. Patek have been able to maneuver to the top of the pile through BOTH marketing and artisanship. It is my contention, that if judged objectively, Lange would hold that position.

  3. says: Debashish

    There can be no doubt about the fact that Patek is most prestigious watch brand and Breguet watches are my all-time favourites, in fact, they are simply awesome!

    Thanks! I loved your poll!

  4. says: PATRICK

    I am a bit surprised by Breguet results. I suppose the Richemont Marketing boys split between Lange and Vacheron when the Swatch guys had only Breguet to support….. For me Patek is Number 1, Lange has accomplished an incredible journey in just 20 years and is in a different way a competitor to Patek. Vacheron makes by far the best looking watches and Breguet well looks a bit like an old marketing plot sorry!

  5. says: Watchaollic

    Hello Alex,

    That is very interesting.

    We all agree on the fact that Patek is the most prestigious watch brand but still very conservative in their designs ( though the new 5960 in steel is a nice move from TS )

    Lange has the nicest designs and push a little harder for modernity but suffer from the non-Swiss category IMHO

    Bréguet is for me the winner because very innovative in both design and movements

    Comparing PP and Bréguet is like comparing Rolex and Omega ( you know the number one but number two is becoming a true contender as Time goes by)


  6. says: Phil

    When I think of #1 quality of all the great brands, Patek Is my favorite watch. But as I live In fla. & I’m a scuba diver & fisherman. Most of the time, when I’m not dressed up, I prefer to wear my Rolex Submariner. So Patek & Rolex are my all time favorites.

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