A true joy this Holiday Season is the opportunity to say Thank You and to wish you the very best for the New Year.

I would be pleased if you would continue to show me your loyalty and accompany me also in 2017. I will do my best to bring you all the novelties and interesting stories of the watch-industry and to show you the new and “old” watches. The latter also being called great and modern classics!

Wherever you are these days, I wish you a peaceful and joyful Holiday Season and a happy New Year!

Cheers from Vienna, Alexander

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21 replies on “A true joy this Holiday Season is the opportunity to say Thank You and to wish you the very best for the New Year.”
  1. says: Mike D.

    Merry Christmas/Frohe Weihnachten/Joyeux Noël Alexander! Thank you for bringing watch news/reviews to Watch-Insider all year long.

  2. says: Harald

    Merry Christmas, Alexander!

    Thanks a lot for your good journalist’s work (e.g., audio interviews), which goes well beyond the common copy/paste style of other watch blogs out there.

  3. says: Thomas

    Merry Christmas Alex, and thank you as always to keep us updated and inspired by your articles. Looking forward to reading them as well in 2017. Happy New Year

    1. says: Hans


      You are doing an excellent job for all us watch lovers, we are looking forward your grilling of Mr Biver and Mr Bennahmias, Furhermore, we would like to know how to be captain on a ship in stormy weather in year 2016 and any improvement in weather for 2017, if Mr Biver is planning to call it a day and Mr Bennahmias is planning to return golf as his earning will be the same AP turnover per year.

  4. says: Nick DiGiorgi

    From across the pond:
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all watch lovers and enthusiasts.

  5. says: Amir

    Words cannot describe how happy I am whenever I open this site and gain insight on my favorite hobby.

    Let me take just a moment to say how unifying and far-reaching this site is. I am constantly impressed by reading the words of other watch aficionados from all over the world.

    There has been recent violence in Europe. And though I do not want to dwell on that situation, I would like to remind everyone during this holiday season that people like Alexander and his many subscribers all over the world show the side of human nature that is unifying. We exchange ideas for something that we are all passionate about. There is nothing more indicative of the holiday spirit than that!

    Alexander– thank you for your tireless efforts. And thank you to everyone for contributing.

    Season’s greetings from Las Vegas, USA!

  6. says: Gerold Blazek

    To my fellow watch enthusiasts Happy Holidays. Take a watch that you have not worn in awhile and enjoy it. Best wishes from Albuquerque where the rabbit made a wrong turn!

  7. says: Hans

    All worlds watch lovers wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy.

    We are looking forward for the highlight of the year when you grill CEO’s.

  8. says: Jeroen de jong

    Dear Alexander, this source of information about my dearest hobby, some people call me crazy, is something i really enjoy reading every day. Thank you for all the effort you and the other people of watch-insider provide. Happy holidays and in good health.

  9. says: rey gerochi

    Thank you for all the information you gather and share with everyone. It helps a lot for making a decision on which to purchase. Happy Holidays to you.

  10. says: Carlos Torres

    Merry Christmas Alexander, and thank for the ever interesting insight into the world of watches you gave us all during 2016.

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