About me, Short introduction.

And then you are asked to write an ‘about me’ as an introduction. Some of you might know me, Bert Buijsrogge, from Fratello Watches, where I teamed up with Robert-Jan Broer back in 2011 already. Joining the first online magazine (blog doesn’t do it justice) is not something you do out of the blue. Like many in this business, I’ve had an early thing for watches. Something that slowly started somewhere in my teenage years. My interest grew over the years and at the age of 24 I bought my first ‘real’ mechanical watch. This was actually a vintage watch from the mid-sixties, a Rolex Submariner no-date ref. 5513. After buying this one my horological adventure really began. Over the years my watch collection slowly grew and I spent countless hours reading about watches.

Where things went ‘wrong’.

Realising I ended up at the same forums over and over again, I joined several of them some 10 years ago. Learning a lot from sharing information on watches and it was always fun getting in touch with like-minded people. Besides sharing and gathering knowledge I also worked on developing my photography skills. Some years later this resulted in the creation of the ‘horlogefotograaf kalender’. This is Dutch for ‘watch photographer calendar’. Sharing my photos also put me in sight of several people asking me to take care of photography for their companies. At that time I was still working in the real estate world. Watches and photography was still purely a hobby of mine.

So in 2011 I joined Fratello Watches, at first taking care of the photography only, or as it says on the site, my ‘focus is on haute photography’. Over the years I captured many events and numerous watches, something that I will continue to do for Fratello Watches.

New challenges

During the next year, in the end of 2012, I finally said goodbye to my daily job after 15 years in real estate. Later this year I will celebrate the 5th anniversary of Bert Buijsrogge Photography. I’ve had the pleasure of working for many clients in different sectors and countries. Capturing all kinds of events in their unique atmosphere. My background in real estate comes in handy to create visuals both inside and out. I’ve captured many portraits in different styles and settings, all according to my clients wishes. Shooting land and cityscapes in my free time. And of course I’ve created work for several watch brands, from micro brands to well known brands in the industry. Over the years I’ve had my work published online, in print and also had the privilege to create press photos for one of the most prestigious watch brands out there.

Besides photography, I slowly found my way into doing editorial work in the past years. Writing a growing number of articles about watches, event reports and photography. Both online and in print. Now new adventures lay ahead, continuing the work of Alexander, bringing you news from the industry as the editor in chief for Watch-Insider.


Feel free to get in touch if you have questions, leave your comment(s) and/or give feedback. Check out my photography website. Please let us know what you (don’t) like or would love to see. This will also help us find our way of sharing the right news with you.

Bert Buijsrogge

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