Aldo Magada: New President & CEO of Zenith

Aldo Magada : New President & CEO Of Zenith

There he is the new CEO of Zenith after Jean-Frederic Dufour now left the company to become the new Rolex-CEO…


Jean-Claude Biver, President of the LVMH Watch Group Division, just expressed his conviction that Zenith is bound to benefit from the new CEO’s wealth of experience in the watch industry, reinforced by his strategic intelligence, his product development expertise and his in-depth knowledge of the Manufacture.

About Aldo Magada…

A Swiss national born in 1958, Aldo Magada is married and has two children. After graduating from the University of Lausanne in 1981, and the following year from the University of La Jolla, San Diego, he began his career in sales with Vifor (speciality pharmaceutical company). He joined the Swatch Group in 1984, and over the subsequent decade took up increasingly important positions with Piaget and Omega – for which he was to serve as Product Director and Marketing Director between 1994 and 1998, alongside Jean-Claude Biver. In 2000, he was appointed President of Gucci Timepieces, which he left two years later to successively manage Technomarine, Reuge and Badollet. In 2009, Aldo Magada created a consulting company, thereby further enhancing a well-established reputation by earning the trust and recognition of numerous major watch industry stakeholders. A year later, he joined Breitling as International Director of Sales & Business Development.

As Jean-Claude Biver emphasises, Aldo Magada’s 30 years of playing a leading role in repositioning and developing watch brands make him a valuable asset in assuring Zenith’s future.


Aldo Magada : New President & CEO Of Zenith
Aldo Magada : New President & CEO Of Zenith








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4 replies on “Aldo Magada: New President & CEO of Zenith”
  1. says: SYED SADIQ ALI

    I don’t know to whom I give the congrats. To Zenith company or Mr.Aldo Magada. Anyway this is a good news.

  2. says: Pawel

    I’m sorry, Alexander, you have to help me here – what has Mr. Magada done for the last 15 years that makes him a good CEO at Zenith? It looks very much like a private whim of Mr. Biver…

  3. says: Jon Messer

    Huge congrats – Great shoes to fill and a man certain for both well calculated strides and built for distance – it’s all good!

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