Apple Watch – A Swiss website just published the prices of the Apple Watch. I could not believe what I was seeing … (Updated 15:07)

After a lot of rumors concerning the pricing of the Apple Watch I now found them being published at The only comment I have in mind today is: The world belongs to the brave


UPDATE 15:07: The Swiss website “businessmontres” mentioned below seems to have used this  POST  as its source … So I Invite you to also read all the comments there and to come back with your comments here again  🙂


I of course did some quick research and I was able to get more or less confirmation for these prices published by The Apple Watch will be presented on the 9th March and then be sold beginning of April first in the USA and Hong Kong starting at 349/379 USD plus sales taxes. The top of the lines marks an 18-carat gold version for 19.999 USD plus sales taxes.

Can you believe this?????


Until today there was no specific technical information leaking and no real indication about the effective battery live of the Apple Watch. Rumors still say it will less then one day and if heavily used probably only a half day. We will have to see if the Apple Watch will under such estimated general conditions really be the hammer everyone expects it to be.

In my opinion the “watch” very soon will only be seen as a smart wrist-interface of the iPhone and not as a watch as we understand it. If I would be Apple I would have NEVER named it Apple Watch, but Apple iPhone wrist-interface. Then the “watch” would be clearly positioned as an electronic consumer good, that´s what it is in my eyes, and not as a wrist watch. Being a wrist-interface for the iPhone the so called Apple Watch might have some problems to be sold for such ambitious prices.

Anyhow, it will for sure once again be the in the future coming killer-apps that will turn the project Apple Watch into the desired success or simply not. But guys will you spend thousands of USD just therefore? For a wrist-interface of the iPhone? The question really is: Will people spend this amount of money to have a smart wrist-interface of their iPhone, that will likely be worn e.g. on the right hand, if you wear the watch –  as I do – on the left hand?

What will be the life-cycle of the Apple Watch? One year like the iPhone?

We will simply have to see and wait…

Now please have a look at the models and the retail prices mentioned and then please tell me what you think…

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them…


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14 replies on “Apple Watch – A Swiss website just published the prices of the Apple Watch. I could not believe what I was seeing … (Updated 15:07)”
  1. says: Tom

    This Apple Watch is nothing else than a big disappointment. Starting at 379 USD, they must be kidding…

  2. says: David

    So now we have the pricing confirmed. And the battery lasts for 18 hours in “normal use”. All we know from electronics manufacturers that the official figure is always more than optimistic. So, as an Apple fan since decades, this is the first time where I predict a massive flop.

  3. says: Hans

    Apple is hoping the watch will become a new printing machine like a must have iphone, likely new model very two years like an Iphone and with a price tag of 20000 USD it will never leave the store. I own a iphone 5S, the battery only last for maximum 8 hours, with an Apple watch with same function may last for three hours and need to have to permanent connection to an external power source. For 20000 USD most likely one can get a Hublot mechanical automatic smart watch from Mr Biver, can be connected to a iphone and will run 24/7.

  4. says: Peter U

    I still don’t know why one would need this watch or what it does ? Even the screen on a smart phone is small, so imagine how small the screen is on a smart watch . One doesn’t really need a smart phone either, except when they don’t have access to a computer.

  5. says: Steve

    I’m sure some young internet billionaire geek just can’t wait to spend $20k on a gold Apple Watch (why isn’t it an iWatch?). And I’m sure that trend will trickle down to simple multimillionaire internet geeks.

    I’m sure the profit margin is huge so if they sell 100 of the gold versions, the profits will be just too good and thus insure its continuation. The profit on even the most basic line is undoubtedly very good so if they continue to sell, even if not at the rate they hope, it won’t go away for a while.

    But after a while, it will become another Zune. ‘-)

  6. says: Tom A.

    This is pure speculation on a website by Apple fanatics. Nothing, absolutely nothing was mentioned by Apple except for the entry level price.

    Of course the gold alloy will be expensive. I do expect (again, speculation, this time from me) that Apple will offer a kind of recycling program because indeed the technology would become obsolete much quicker than the gold investment !

  7. says: Guy

    I am sticking with Pebble. They do promise great battery life. As I said before watch on the left wrist smart phone interface on the right. Just like Dick Tracy.

  8. says: Hans Slebos

    Not sure what the pricing will be when the Apple watch lands in Australia but likely at a level where there will be a lot of competition in both smart watches (worn on the right) and traditional watches (worn on the left). I might try a cheaper version of the Apple watch on my right but never an expensive version on my left as there are, for me at least, a lot more fanatstic mechanical watches that have earned a position on the left.

  9. says: Dave Franklin

    Mr. Linz, Good Sir,

    From a major watch designer/retailer here in the US, I bought a ‘Smart Watch’ during a clearance sale.

    Its features are a chronograph, pedometer, calculator, music control, voice/message recorder, digital/tourbillion time display, call & message connection to a smart phone via Bluetooth, world clock (multi-time zone display), smart phone dial pad and 4 alarm settings. On ‘Power Save’ mode which is a six second display of the desired function, the battery life is about 5 days.

    The price? $45.00 US. I bought it strictly because I think it will be a collector’s item for my children some time after I have left planet Earth.

    In the meantime, I have come to love and appreciate even more, my fine mechanical time pieces.

    I look upon ‘Smart’ watches very much like that of the late but huge PET ROCK fad. Those rocks were soon abandoned and reverted back to exactly what they really were in the first place: ROCKS!

    Eventually, Apple watches will be collecting dust in the drawers of those who fell for Pet Rocks and Chia pets.

    Respectfully Yours,
    Dave Franklin

  10. says: David

    The pricing is not such a surprise, and my judgement remains the same: I do niot see any point why I should get this electronic gadget. It was developed because Apple desperatedly needed to show that it can be innovative, despite the death of Steve. But really, I can’t see the innovation that would make me wear an Apple Watch and charge it every half day. Nor can I imagine that any of the Apps would do this. Rather I would buy a smart Swatch for Sports – and only for this purpose.

  11. says: Dartagnan

    This pricing is in line with the estimates given at the initial launch of the watch. I think it will be a huge success in 2015 and 2016. But when people realize that it has a limited battery life, built-in technological redundancy and is nothing more than an extension of a smart phone, they will move on… My favorite analogy for smart-watches is the life-cycle of 3D movies. How many times has 3D been re-invigorated by Hollywood only to lose favor once again. The Apple Watch is the “Avatar” of our time. It will help popularize a technology that no one really needs. Just because something seems like a good idea, doesn’t make it so.

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