Apple Watch. So guys did you like it? Let me know what you think!

Apple Watch

Not bad alt all I would say! But this is not a watch, this is the reincarnation of the iPod Nano, now designed with round edges to be worn on the wrist. A kind of Bonsai-iPhone

Reading the time has become secondary with the Apple Watch. This device is stunning innovative and I am sure it will sell like hell. But the Apple Watch will for sure not harm the Swiss Watch Industry as foreseen by Jony Ive.

The traditional wristwatch has even become more attractive after the launch of the Apple Watch since it has now to be seen as its antidote.

With all the possible information flowing from and to the wrist the Apple Watch defines the beginning of a new technological era.

The classical mechanical Swiss made wristwatch will only profit from this development. I don’t even think Swatch will suffer, since these watches are so unique that an Apple Watch can not replace them.

But there will be companies suffering: For those offering more or less no name quartz watches that are made in a mediocre quality it will become challenging.

I have copied some pictures from the Apple homepage to show you the new Apple Watch.

For more technical information please visit the Apple homepage or just click >>> HERE <<< to get to it …


Apple Watch
Apple Watch
Apple Watch
Apple Watch
Apple Watch
Apple Watch

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Apple Watch
Apple Watch
Apple Watch
Apple Watch






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  • People who imaginated to tel the future in the “Quartz crise” years in the70ths decladred the mecanical watch as dead. Today it is a “Status Symbol”.
    NB Noboby tell how often you most “Plug in” the IWatch to recharge the batery.

  • I think a lot of people are underestimating the impact of wearable such as the Apple watch on the watch industry. The Apple Watch definitely has the potential to lead to a “quartz” type crisis for the watch industry.

    I think the major problem is going to be that for really the first time another product is going to compete for wrist space and wrist-time. The mechanical/quartz wrist space monopoly will be broken. Currently, you either want to wear a watch or you don’t. What makes this product so dangerous for the watch industry is that another product with considerable amount of functionality is going to be competing for the space currently occupied by the mechanical watch and realistically you can only wear one or the other.

    I can foresee in a couple of years your casual buyer that in the pre-iwatch days would have been willing to spend a few thousand dollars on a watch to treat themselves not bothering anymore as they already have an apple watch. Why buy a nice watch that you are never going to wear because your Apple Watch is such an integral part of you communication world?

    I can also see the guy that has 4 or 5 nice watches, such as Rolex’s or Omega’s, saying to himself, as much as I love them, why buy another mechanical watch when the ones I own already are barely being worn because I find the functions of the Apple watch so useful I wear it all the time?

    I think only the absolute top end will not be effected, i.e. Patek, Vacheron, Journe etc. It will be interesting to see how the swiss react to this, especially the likes of Rolex and Omega.

    I don’t even own a smart phone, so I can’t see myself buying one. But if I did own a Iphone it would be very tempting. I think it will be like the ipad. It seemed like a silly idea when it was first released, then suddenly people wondered how they survived without one.

    • ai says there is no potential harm in any way for the watch industry
      The days of watch crysis are gone
      now the 2 watch classic and electronic are playing in 2 different leagues-no interference
      Don’t worry folks, who wants quality and workmanship is buying an automic whatever and who wants some cheap electronic device will buy this comic

    • “I can foresee in a couple of years your casual buyer that in the pre-iwatch days would have been willing to spend a few thousand dollars on a watch to treat themselves not bothering anymore as they already have an apple watch. Why buy a nice watch that you are never going to wear because your Apple Watch is such an integral part of you communication world?

      I can also see the guy that has 4 or 5 nice watches, such as Rolex’s or Omega’s, saying to himself, as much as I love them, why buy another mechanical watch when the ones I own already are barely being worn because I find the functions of the Apple watch so useful I wear it all the time?”

      A person willing to spend a few thousand dollars on a watch is absolutely not a ‘casual’ buyer. It is a hardcore watch lover. A casual buyer is the one spending currently 200-300$ on a watch from e.g. Versace. The big, ugly, plated watches. As Alex pointed out they are in big trouble, as their quality is miles behind what Apple has shown.

      Apple products ceased to be a status symbol long time ago. Rolex is a status symbol and is not going anywhere. If someone has 4-5 watches they are in deep, and will never consider replacing their collection with an iWatch.

      I think people reading this blog have a tendency to assume watches discussed here are more-or-less available to the general public. They are not. They are luxury items, and as such are available to a select few.

      For me a smart watch is an excellent workout watch, where I don’t care for my watch to get sweaty on my hand – when I’m running on treadmill it is much easier to check the phone notification on a watch, than it is to hold the phone with both hands and still be running…

  • As usual, more than the same. This “watches” are the product of industrial development and they don´t have nothing to do with the Art of Watchmaking.
    Surely young people will accept them, and the fuss of marketing, centering his goals in design, fashion and price will end in succes for that sector of consumers.
    Thank you

  • The ignorance of Swiss watch industry reminds me of the time, 40 years ago. I don’t see a Bonsai-iPhone, I see the second “quartz-crisis” at the horizon. The same procedure, the same circumstances. Apple invents the wheel again – without wheels…

  • Interesting discussion. However you can´t close the eyes. It´s the future and the young generation will love it. Maybe not from the very beginning on, but they will. The marketing machine Apple has started is doing the rest. The other huge electronic companies will and must improve their products also.
    Of cause there still are a lot of questions about battery life and technical features. But wearing and using this Watch will give the user access to completely new business areas. It´s a big step forward and it will give the traditional positioned Swiss Watch Industry a lot of questions. Unfortunately there are no real answers. Even Nick Hayek fails completely to give the future oriented and innovative customer a reliable answer. The Quartz crisis might be back quite soon.

  • This should be considered just another wearable gadget that Apple has added to join the bandwagon started by many other device (phone) makers. I am not too sure if it should even be called a watch if telling time is only its secondary function. Good news for publishers of tech magazines to fill up the pages though, where such information would appear to be more appropriate. Otherwise, this should probably not stir up much interests among real watch enthusiasts (assume to be the case for most if not all members of this forum) who would rather look out for the regular real watch news.

  • To have a good impression on how it will work, it is worth watching the streaming Keynote presentation, that gives a better understanding than looking at pictures.
    My first reaction when seeing the pictures was: “this is not so special”, but after watching the demos and the user interface in action, I am impressed. This is not a “me too” product, they really thought it through.
    Clever is for example how the watch can guide you with vibration signals while you walk.
    And I also like how they innovated the straps and bracelets. First of all the lugs themselves are replaceable so you always have the perfect fit for your strap or bracelet. Then there are very nice features like the sexy bracelet that can be resized without tools, or the clean woven metal strap that closes magnetically, or even the almost classic straps that hide the not used extension under the strap. They show more innovation with their straps than what you typically see from traditional manufacturers.
    For sure, it will not harm the traditional mechanical manufacturers. In fact I think it will increase interest in these mechanical devices. Young people often do NOT wear a watch at all, wearing this one can increase interest in traditional mechanical devices. But why would we still buy a quartz Tissot, or Swatch, or G-Shock, quartz Seiko or Suunto when you can have this? This part of the industry should be VERY afraid as this is the first smartwatch whose operation is truly appealing and useful.
    Still it is only a v1. I expect more health related sensors in v2 (then I’ll likely buy one), a thinner design, moe independence from a phone etc. But it must be said that this v1 gives already a good idea about the concept.
    Also it must be said that people reading this blog are NOT a typical sample of the population. In reality I think that this product category will be VERY big.

    • Why would you buy a Swatch, Tissot or such instead of this?


      BTW, I work on a college campus and while there are a number of students who do not wear a watch, I see more and more of them reverting to wearing watches.

  • As always Alex you are right , Love it and will most likely buy my kids one, but your right it will never never replace a wonderful Swiss watch. Cheers

  • Apple Watch is the most premium of all smart watches in the market, and I’m sure it will sell very well. But I’m not sure why people would like to have so many features packed into such a small device and screen. Most of the functions are in the iphone anyway.

    I am also not impressed with the design, but I suppose that can be improved in future product evolutions.

  • So today I was having lunch at the bar and man sits next to me wearing a Porsche-Design Dashboard.
    Nice watch I said.Are you going to buy the new Apple watch? “Never! he says,That is a joke.A real watch is mechanical and made in Switzerland”
    Good answer.
    Some how if Apple thinks they are going to hurt the Swiss watch market they don’t have a clue

  • I have an insatiable passion and interest in precise mechanical instruments that utilize the combination of materials science and high engineering. I understand and love such devices.

    I do NOT fully comprehend integrated circuits. But I do know that such circuits are easily and quickly made in mass quantities

    For those who just love the use of high IC technology without knowing or caring how it works, it is another pretty toy.

    For me, you can take the science of mechanical and materials engineering out of the watch, but you cannot take my passion for the mechanical watch out of me.

    Kind Regards to All,

  • Well, after seeing the famous apple Watch, I can say I did not like. I hate many complications in watches. Maximum dates of the month and week.
    I like watches as simple and beautiful designs are the Calatrava.
    Definitely, I will soon buy my first Swiss watch to my modest collection of American and Japanese.
    Apple Watch: NO!

  • I’ll admit the iwatch is cooler than I expected, but I still stand by my first claim that it will be no threat to Swiss watches.

    I like their use of watch vernacular, such as 316L steel, sapphire crystals, 42mm case, etc. I also like that they offer different bracelet/strap options.

    But I would not want to smudge the “dial” of the watch. I love my iphone, but hate the smudges it gets that I inevitably have to wipe off.

    I wonder how a company like Casio may respond– especially since they now off G-Shocks up to $3,000. They have built a reputation around rugged durability (that still remains to be seen with the Apple watch) and use of high-end technology– like atomic timekeeping and GPS systems.

  • Just keep in mind this is Apple’s first take on a watch. They will get thinner, sleeker, and more watch like. The fact they have a sapphire crystal, ceramic case backs, a “digital crown” and nice braclet/band offerings indicates they will be competing strongly in the market. Did you notice that they even call their different technical options “complications”?
    My advice to the sub-$1000 Swiss manufacturers is to watch out and be more creative than you’ve been in the past!!!

  • I never was interested in this kind of watch but then I am more of a “low-tech” guy when it comes to watches :-). I see nothing here that would change my mind. It has a very neat UI and some impressive features but I can get all of those from my iPhone – I don’t need to have it on my wrist. Of course, others may think differently but then this is a forum of mechanical watch lovers. You won’t get too many fans of smartwatches here.

    – HCE

  • Not much of a gadget guy myself, so I find this to be more redundancy from Apple. So you want me to buy an iPod, an iPad, and now an Apple Watch, and they are all going to do the exact same thing as my iPhone? Um…no, not interested. Seems like an easy sell to Apple fans, and gadget people, but will any real watch aficionados (collectors) really sacrifice wrist time for a $350 toy? Again, my answer is simply: um…no, not interested.

  • If Jony Ives thinks with this stuff his company will cause difficulty for high-end Swiss mechanical watches, then he may have taken some hallucinogen like LSD and is hallucinating.

  • Traditional and even quartz WATCHES (not ipods that resemble one) will prevail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s an eye sore; the worst thing is that I have to look at it on every news, tech and watch page I open; Fruit Cult marketing Force.
    Your blog is about quality products, so at least you might want to remove it from the top-post place.

    • Yes, my blog is about quality products and still I think it is important to have discussed the Apple Watch with you. In my eyes also a quality product, but one that will for sure not harm the Swiss watch industry… I will remove it from the top-post place in the next days…

  • I think it will be a real threat to fitness watches like Suunto, Garmin, Polar etc. Because for the same price of such a fitness-watch you will also get much much more.

    I am especially impressed by the navigation feature with the “tacticle direction indication”. The thought of walking through any city like a local is really a “killer-application”

    But you also mentioned “antidote” – and this the apple watch will also be. I imagine young ladies and gentlemen who will wear it as a statement against the establishment with their “inferior” Rolex and Cartier watches.

    It will be exciting to see the further developpments,….

  • I have an iPhone, and iPad and and iPod, why would I need yet another device to do the same?

    I’ll never give my mechanical wrist watch up for an iWatch.

  • The Apple watch looks better than I expected (okay, Apple always looks great). The watch design seems to be sexier than those of Sony, LG, Samsung and consorts. There are designs not only for nerds. Very innovative bracelets. But the key point will be how long the battery load will last. What will be the answer of Swatch and the Japanese watch industry? “Friendly war” to come during the next years.

  • I think its more a mobile communication device (yes…aka iPad Nano) that is accidentially worn on the wrist with displaying time as one of many other features. Therefore its rather an add on then a replacement for our beloved mechanical instruments. Howerer I think the Bracelets are well done, very innovative. I just wonder about the changing mechanism, quite similar to these used by Hublot…

  • Nope. It looks like a smallish Iphone on a band. It doesn’t have the style, quality or durabilty of a mechanical watch. If yesterday I was concerned regarding the Swiss watch industry today I’m convinced that the smart watches are no threat at all.

  • Neither beautiful nor cool. Just boring. But features like a yellow gold case or a milanaise bracelet surprise me.

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