BALTIC Watches launch through Kickstarter

During Baselworld these guys were the talk of the town. Pretty much all of my close media colleagues had seen the watches in the metal and simply loved it. As we’ve seen many watch brands presenting vintage inspired watch models not all were received well. Some have been criticised for adapting or adjusting to modern times too much. Others were just spot on and Baltic watches is one of them. Although they are new to the market they have done a great job making an amazing vintage inspired watch the right way. We sat down with them to have a talk about this project and furthermore to have a look at their watches.

Having a first look at the watches could fool you thinking you actually have a NOS watcj in your hand but it is actually just made. Sizing is perfect and if you compare them with vintage watches they won’t be a lot bigger. Measuring 38mm is small but for a watch in this kind of design it is just right and can still be worn even if you have a fairly big wrist.

Small details make the stepped case stand out and the minimalistic way the dial and hands have been designed are simply gorgeous. Especially if you have a thing for vintage watches that is. We present you with some highlights from the Kickstarter project below. If you want to know all about this project, follow the link at the bottom of the article and check out what everybody is so enthusiastic about.

Instant update, the 100% was reached in just a few minutes after the launch already!

Baltic Watches

Baltic is inspired by the raw beauty of the icy Baltic sea and made traditional with minimal, modern styling.

As a family of watch connoisseurs with a passion for traditional craftmanship, we felt that many modern watch brands are adding complexity to their designs. On the other hand we truly believe that the most timeless and desirable watches are the simplest. That’s the reason why we decided to create BALTIC. We want to focus more on an authentic approach. Bringing together the purest watchmaking techniques to create a vintage timepiece for your wrist.

Neo-Vintage style

Our case has been inspired by a 1940’s chronograph and designed to give a modern touch with a distinctive finish. Linear brushed on the side, circular brush on the lugs and a mirror polishing on the last step. These variations catch the light beautifully.

Both case design have an elegantly slim profile thanks to the acrylic glass. We found the ideal thickness for a well proportioned case with 12 millimeters. Yet the weight of our BALTIC watches conveys its quality feeling on the wrist.

Baltic Watches

Baltic Watches

Less is more

We made our dials with minimalist inspirations in mind. We believe in the « less is more » motto for the watches’ designs.

Dials are painted with a matte finish that shows a bit of grain. The indexes are minimalistic with only 12 & 6 written on the dial. All the other indexes usd are dots. The permanent second register has what we called a crosshair that separates each quarter of a minute. On the chronograph register, a simple register counting until 30 minutes. The dial is furnished with a stunning radial pattern because the unique way it reflects light.

Baltic Watches
Matte dial with sub-dials “Guillochés”

We kept the same spirit on the 3-hands and we added a different railway that indicates a 60 minutes graduation. All hands are thin leaf hands as you can see on these following macro-pictures. Clearly showing the angle that divides it in two faces.

Technical details

Full details can be found on the Baltic Kickstarter project page where you can also back them. We are very sure this project will reach 100% of it’s goal and curious to see how far they will surpass that number.





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