Baselworld 2013 … I just met Walter von Känel the President of Longines

I know Walter von Känel for many years now and I have to tell you he is one of real movers and shakers of this industry. Discover the Longines novelties and listen to my interview …

Longines rules the middle price range! In-between 900 and 3000 Swiss Francs ex factory no one else can do better. In fact everyone else in this entire Swiss watch industry is unable to hold a candle to …

Walter von Känel works hard and he seldom does something wrong. With all his years of experience it was so interesting to talk with him about a segment that so often is almost forgotten, because everyone concentrates on the luxury sector. Longines meanwhile makes a turnover of more than 1 billion Swiss Francs and the brand still grows.

Guys take some time and listen carefully; I promise this interview is really thrilling and very interesting. Walter von Känel is really a mover and shaker 🙂




And these are some of the novelties I discovered together with Walter von Känel just after the interview …

The new Longines Hydroconquest collection of sport watches.










The new Longines Conquest Classic collection







The new Longines Heritage Military 1938 collection











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  • alex ioancio

    very beautiful and very very good price quality ratio. especially second hand you can find exquisite good price almost peanut price for a piece.And most of all I like this CEO. he is very humble and wears everytime a regular watch on his hand. Bravo

  • Guido

    Hi Alexander,

    Found your interview really interesting, only one thing I haven’t recognized:
    on about 12m30s mr von Känel speaks about some “square”(?) model made fot Italian market and he quotes another one a little bit after.
    Could you tell me of which models he spoke about?

    Thank you.

  • John

    An interesting interview. As for the collection shown the Heritage 1938 is my favorite. Not shown but I think spoken of is the telemeter which for some of us is of interest. I also want to say I like the A7 and the Retrograde.


  • Debashish

    Longines Hydroconquest Watches looks great!

  • Victor Lopez

    Very nice watches specially the two tone chronograph!!

  • Eric Freed

    They are awesome!