Baselworld 2013 preview: The rebirth of Anonimo

I just got these computer renderings as an exclusive preview. I thought I´ll show them to you and simply ask you what you think about the new Anonimo watches.

The Italian case maker exists since 1939. Anonimo is now getting more and more a brand. Anonimo is in a process to be reinvented. In Basel we will see more…

I think there is place for such military-style watches on the market. One specialty of Anonimo by the way are its bronze cases. Something the Panerai collectors get mad about 🙂

So without telling you much more I do ask you to give your spontaneous feedback.

Please tell me: Do you like these watches?

Shoot me an email or write your comment right here under this post. Thanks!


Anonimo MILITARE chrono cadran A3 top bronze brosse vertical
Anonimo MILITARE chrono cadran A3 top bronze brosse vertical
Anonimo MILITARE classic cadran A3 top noir brosse vertical
Anonimo MILITARE classic cadran A3 top noir brosse vertical
Anonimo SAILOR cadran bleu brosse soleil appliques acier
Anonimo SAILOR cadran bleu brosse soleil appliques acier
Anonimo SAILOR cadran noir brosse soleil appliques jaune
Anonimo SAILOR cadran noir brosse soleil appliques jaune
Anonimo MILITARE chrono cadran A2 top noir brosse vertical
Anonimo MILITARE chrono cadran A2 top noir brosse vertical 
Anonimo MILITARE chrono cadran A5 top acier brosse circulaire
Anonimo MILITARE chrono cadran A5 top acier brosse circulaire





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22 replies on “Baselworld 2013 preview: The rebirth of Anonimo”
  1. says: Uli

    The new anonimo owner Flavio Becca Luxembourg is not more the same like the Italian Anonimo. The problem is: the old anonimo have no image: when you want to sold e anonimo you loose a lot of money.

  2. says: mark vrnak

    i am sad to see a great watch company go this way.This company was making the watch the way i like.The new Anonimo watches are not my style.Mark

  3. says: Clement A. Dugue' Jr.

    I like Anonimo and I do think that there is a place for their particular style. I am however a Panerai man. I do find it questionable about some of the Anonimo models that have the winding stem in the vertical
    position with the tiny screw that appears to connect the watch band onto the lug. I just sometimes think that if the screw gets loose and falls out I may lose the watch. Tell me if my fears are unfounded.


  4. says: Darryl Patton

    Anonimo will never be the same. Unfortunately, when any brand changes hands / ownership, it washes out the original mission and values. Although they try to continue the tradition, it’s not the same. With this being said, I do like the riased indices on the dial as opposed to the “painted” on numerals from the past. They should have kept the Millemetri line and used the new numeral look.

  5. says: patek calatrava`

    Sad to see these watches which lack the distinctiveness and boldness of the original Anonimo watch. I am very disappointed in these new versions of Anonimo.

  6. says: Eric Singer

    I was @ Basel 2013 and I can tell you from firsthand experience of seeing this “new” version of a once Italian Brand, Anonimo as we know it no longer exists…
    These so called “new” watches are in no way related to the quality found on the previously Made in Italy watch cases.
    Very inferior in all ways.
    I was a champion and supporter of Anonimo since I discovered the brand in 2001 and own 14 pieces.
    My collecting of this brand has just ended going forward.
    I will only seek out the “Original” Anonimo’s in my future…

    1. says: mark vrnak

      you are 100% right.Anonimo watches were unique for the hand crafted cases.Lets hope somebody is going to use Anonimo factory and make a watch traditional way the right way..Mark

  7. says: Abdulaziz

    Good day to every one,
    I really like the style of the military even it might not look major differences. I always look at the anonimo watches at the ebay and like their attractiveness. Plan to buy one in the near future. I do have a 321 panerai,and no comparison at all with Rolex date just II. Panerai more accurate at least from my experience. Thanks to all of u.

  8. says: Marcos

    The more i see the new collection the more I love Anonimo Firenze models!
    I hope the new Anonimo management realizes sonner than later that if they keep this change they are going to loose a big proportion of current Anonimo followers.

  9. says: Jack

    For the most part they are nice looking watches. I will admit I don’t have the history with the brand that some of the contributors do. I do agree that the Sailor model screams JeanRichard. I’d have to see the specs and the prices before I would commit to anything.

  10. says: Peter

    Absolutely horrible incarnation of a once great brand. The “rebirth” of Anonimo is sadly stillborn. I have proudly owned more than 20 different Anonimo,including a few Millemetri, a few D-Dates, a few Polluce, a few Professionale, a few Sailor Divers,a few Militare and a couple of Dino Zei–each and every one of them are far better than anything new offered here. I fear this is sadly the last nails in the Anonimo coffin. Too bad, they were a great brand. One positive spin is that it will certainly help to increase the value of the pre-2013 models.

  11. says: Nelson Devicenci

    Well guys as Anonimo Collector i was thinking that they reborn with something more creative… I can’t see the Italian Heritage in this new pieces, WHy logo on Hour hand and Seconds hand, the numeral are out of scene, Sorry but I cant see nothing close to Anonimo ” Federico Era ”

    Who know if they make corrections and try to get something new BUT with Italian DNA.

  12. says: Steve Cseplo

    I like these, especially the ones with the crown at 12:00.

    And I alwyas have liked blue watches.

    If the price is right, and they become available in the US, I’ll have to add them to the list.

    Being in design myself (architecture) I do not mind that they can be seen as derivative as most design is inluenced by other designs.

  13. says: Juan

    I agree with berlioz-marie regarding the looks of these watches. I personally don´t like military style watches,with the exception of Panerai. Some of them look too utilitarian.

    Congratulations Alex for your excellent blog, I enjoy reading it very much.

  14. says: berlioz-marie

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Always a pleasure to read you 🙂
    IMO, Anonimo is paying a heavy tribute to both Panerai and JeanRichard …
    But they are nice watches anyway.
    Success should depend on the price !

    1. says: guillermo

      I’m afraid none of the offerings do anything for me. I own 2 militare watches (handwind and automatico) and both have better dials then any of the new ones above. I don’t like the new logo,nor do I like the hands. Incorporating the (new) logo in the hands is a big mistake IMO. Keeping the simple (unchanged) would have been my choice. I can appreciate the more detailed and elaborated dials but I think it would have been much better to hold on to the older designs. The “swiss made” wording is not going to be the best move. Made in Firenze (Italy) is one of the things that made this brand stand out to all the swiss offerings we allready have . I loved the fact that my watch was running on a swiss movement but more importantly, being assembled in Italy and the case being “all Italian made” really made it stand out. It would be a shame to turn our backs on the beginning and forget we are/were dealing with one of the last, all Italian watchmaking companies in the field.

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