Baselworld 2014: Richard Müller showed me his 3 meter high precision pendulum clock, the Erwin Sattler Maxima Secunda is by far the biggest clock here at the show.

Richard Müller / Erwin Sattler

The Maxima Secunda is a real sensation and XXL-watchmaking at its best. The idea of doubling the proportions of the Classica Secunda 1995 preceded this complete reconstruction of an XXL precision pendulum clock.


Richard Müller said to me: “My new Erwin Sattler Maxima Secunda model expands our precision pendulum clock range ‘upwards’.”

No doubt, the idea of doubling the proportions of the manufacturer’s previous flagship, the Classica Secunda 1995, preceded this complete reconstruction of an XXL precision pendulum clock. I now finally could see it, the Gräfelfingen (near München/Germany) clockmaker has succeeded in creating such a monumental clock with a one-month power reserve.

The new Erwin Sattler Maxima Secunda is equipped with all the same details which also distinguish its smaller siblings in the manufacturer’s precision clock range, the Maxima Secunda, with its 1.5 second pendulum, is set to become a pure breed precision pendulum clock. Therefore, for example, a temperature-compensated Invar pendulum with air-pressure compensation was used. Of course, all gear wheels have been geared and gold-plated as part of the sub-process. The Graham escapement, with its 20 toothed escape wheel, inhibits early expiration of the weight in conjunction with the adjustable pallets in the pallet lever. The body of the pendulum is designed as a classic double cylinder.


Listen to my interview with Richard and you will discover all about that amazing Erwin Sattler Maxima Secunda pendulum clock…

This is Richard Müller standing in front of the regular Classica Secunda 1995


Richard Müller / Erwin Sattler
Richard Müller / Erwin Sattler


and this is him standing in front of the new Maxima Secunda …


Erwin Sattler
Erwin Sattler


Here comes the interview…

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If you have just listened to the interview and you want to know how the big pendulum clock at the manufacture in Gräfelfingen looks like… here is the picture…


Erwin Sattler
Erwin Sattler manufacture in Gräfelfingen




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  • What a wonderful creation. So very very beautiful, and with such a wonderful history of accuracy. Breath-taking beauty in production. Thank you so much for a fascinating interview, beautiful photographs AND to Richard, the invention of the most beautiful word|: Slowlier. Descriptive and poetic.

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