Baselworld 2014: Richard Müller showed me his 3 meter high precision pendulum clock, the Erwin Sattler Maxima Secunda is by far the biggest clock here at the show.


The technical data of the Erwin Sattler Maxima Secunda …


Case: Black varnish with metal inlays and high-polish macassar cassette

Case dimensions: H = 304 cm, W = 82 cm, D = 37 cm

Glass panes: ESG, U-glass pane, affixed on a mitre

Power reserve: Runs for a month

Winding mechanism: Via steel cable, with winder

Materials: Invar, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, wood, glass

Beat rate: 40 beats per minute, 3 seconds per oscillation, second hand jumps every 1.5 seconds

Pendulum: Temperature-compensated Invar pendulum with barometric compensation, 1.5 seconds pendulum

Pendulum length: 266 cm Dial diameter: 57.6 cm

Hands: Domed, polished and blued by hand

Minute hand length: 25.1 cm

Hour hand length: 9.5 cm

Second hand length: 15.6 cm

Wheels: Brass, polished and gold-plated, toothed as part of the sub-process

Wheel diameter: from 3.8 cm to 16.8 cm

Pinions: Polished, made of hardened stainless steel

Escapement: Graham escapement with adjustable pallets

Movement details: Power-maintaining mechanism, counterweight for minute hand, domed escape wheel bridge

Plates: Brass, polished and nickel-plated

Plate dimensions: H = 43 cm, W = 32 cm, D = 0.8 cm

Ball bearings: 16 units made of stainless steel, screwed and gold-plated ball bearing cover

Jewel bearings: 4 units in gold-plated, screwed-in chatons

Winding weight: Brass, polished and chromed

Weight of winding weight: approx. 20 kg Weight of movement: approx. 30 kg

Weight of pendulum: approx. 65 kg

Overall weight: approx. 350 kg

Movement: Caliber 3000

Price: Please listen to my interview to get this information 🙂



















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  • What a wonderful creation. So very very beautiful, and with such a wonderful history of accuracy. Breath-taking beauty in production. Thank you so much for a fascinating interview, beautiful photographs AND to Richard, the invention of the most beautiful word|: Slowlier. Descriptive and poetic.

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