Baselworld 2014: What´s next?

Finally I am back home! I am done and very tired… I have tons of stories and pictures for you I did not have the time to put online yet. Please permit me to find some rest tonight and I will surprise you with the next fabulous stories tomorrow …

I left Basel yesterday at 21:00 CET after a dinner with good friends and I still wanted to drive the 700 kilometers back to Vienna. No way! I had to do a stopover and get some sleep on the way home because I almost fell asleep driving my car.

Tonight, after more then one week in Basel, I am so happy to be home again and I will just go to bed and try to catch up with some sleep …

Guys, please forgive me for not reporting about any novelties tonight, I will  restart doing this tomorrow and I can tell you that I have some thrilling stories for you to come.

The horological year has 365 days and not only 7!

Thanks for understanding and please come back as often as you can!


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17 replies on “Baselworld 2014: What´s next?”
  1. says: Ajay takiar

    Dear mr Linz
    No need to apologize as you have been sincere professional who keeps his readers thrilled and well informed. I thank you for your hardwork in putting well crafted articles and pictures. Take good rest

  2. says: VIKING

    Thank you Alex on baselworld coverage best live pictures and interviews on whole www. keep up the excellent work and rest for litle

  3. says: Jason E Howes

    Mr Linz,

    You sir, are an animal! I can hardly believe the extent of the articles, interviews and photos. I sincerely thank you for your effort! I look forward to your follow-up articles. Thanks again!



  4. says: Steve Cseplo

    Alexander take your well deserved break and rest up. I’ll be looking forward to your excellent reports when they resume.

  5. says: Thomas

    Dear Alex many thanks for all the updates and interview, needless to say you did an outstanding job. Have a good rest and we will be waiting for you insights in due course.

  6. says: Mick clayton

    You have worked very hard and i am very grateful that there are watch enthusiasts, like yourself, prepared to take the time to relay this information for your many followers. Take your well deserved rest, well done and congratulations my friend. mick

  7. says: giovvani

    Hello Alexander. I enjoy very much all your articles. i am a crazy watch lover.I will be next week in Vienna, can you recommend me a nice store or place for watches?? i like vintage and also new watches. thanks giovanni.

  8. says: Vladimir

    Alexander, your Basel’s reports are fantastic and you did excellent job. I’m checking your web site everyday and especially I liked interviews with CEO’s. It’s unique and great inside view to horology by brand leaders. Thank you very much.

  9. says: Navroze

    Please don’t apologise! Some of us still haven’t gotten over a lot of the horological beauties you have so diligently put up in with few of any details spared. Thank you for all the effort. All the best!

  10. says: Alain

    Alexander, you did a GREAT job! Many many thanks to spend time to give us a alive feedbacks from Baselworld. Take care and good rust!

  11. says: luciano Rossi

    Buon per Alexander. In questa occasione desidero ringraziarvi personalmente per tutto il vostro duro lavoro. Mi è piaciuto molto leggere quello che hai scritto. Grazie mille
    Luciano Rossi

    Good for Alexander.
    On this occasion I would like to thank you personally for all your hard work. I really enjoyed reading what you wrote.
    Many thanks.
    Luciano Rossi

  12. says: Ron

    I agree with Stephen and Sean, thanks for the great reporting on Baselworld and the new models. It was enjoyable to see the new models and lines everyday. You earned your rest and we appreciate your hard work.

    Thanks again!

  13. says: Stephen

    Have a good rest and thank you for all that you have put on so far I look forward to more stuff once you have had a good rest

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