Blancpain: Assembly of the tourbillon into a wristwatch

Gain exclusive insights into the Blancpain manufacture with Jeff Kingston:

In this video a watch-maker takes the tourbillon components itself and brought to running order. As well he’s going to be putting it into the watch in to its permanent position.

The visit concludes with a glimpse into one of Blancpain’s métier d’art workshops and the engravings that won the French prize called the Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

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  • I have never read or heard any watch company producing tourbillon equiped watches talk about the accuracy of those watches. There is another question that comes to mind: is $ 40-50,000 added to the price of a tourbillon equipped watch worth a second or two of a better accuracy?

  • I’ve read that there is no evidence that tourbillon watches are more accurate than conventional mechanical movements. Of course there are probably individual tourbs that are amazingly accurate, and of course, there are individual conventional movements of amazing accuracy.

    But does anyone know of statistical comparisons, which survey many examples of each type?


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