Breaking News: Aldo Magada, CEO Zenith has resigned. Jean-Claude Biver will interim take over the entire management of Zenith.

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  • In all our criticism based on the looks of recent TAG Heuer items we should forget that Heuers core message is Avantgarde, very much like Hublot. Heuer and Hublot aim at similar tastes, albeit different price range.
    JCB is a clever and talented man and has proven that he can revitalize brands regardles of their style / image / brand core (whatever you want to call it). In his ten year stint at Omega he nearly trippled revenue and before he successfully resurrected Blancpain, both brands with a distinct brand essence, back then as well as today.
    I am sure he has a very profount understanding of that Zenith customers want and will deliver on that.

  • With J. C. Biver becoming the CEO of all top watch brands of this group, I am truly worried about one of my favourite watch brands i.e. Zenith.

    Already, TAG Heuer watches look like cheaper version of Hublot and it would be truly disheartening if Zenith watches turn into Hublot iii.

    Mr. Biver can fiddle around with Hublot as much as he wants, but let’s hope and pray that he does not change the DNA of Zenith.

    Nataf had already caused a lot of damage to the brand and I didn’t much care about Magada’s ideas and, now, with Biver at the helm, I hope it won’t be the last straw for Zenith.

  • I like (mostly) where Zenith has been going the last couple years; and I’m glad the days of the “Defy Xtreme Flying Chronos” are over. That being said, I can only wonder what will become of Zenith under stable management for more than a few years.

    I remember JCB in an interview with Alexander saying that Zenith is about “timelessness”. It’s an interesting guiding principle that I hope stays with the brand…

  • Magada was useless, and Biver is gonna follow that lame pizza-size watches Zenith is doing again and again… Zenith is about high quality stylish watches… not horrible fat hublot for soccer players

  • I believe JCB’s magic may not working on Zenith otherwise the next version will be El primero All back. Then, all these 3 brands looks almost same!
    How boring it is! It’s not healthy for all. JCB watch group!

    Leave Zenith full independent and managed differently.

    JCB is capable man but not for everything for all the time. there must be some limit or boundary! if i were him, I would stay aside.

    • If your statement was true, all Blancpain and all Omega watches would look “All black” and be boring.

      There are very few entrepreneurs left. JCB is one of them, and he knows like no other how to make a brand successful.

      • look at TAG now! dont you think they are just “Avantgarde” like big bang. Look at recent model of TAG, for me, it’s just TAG all back. I can smell they just copy something.

        Quite understandable! No matter how or what you speak or deny, it’s always easy & unconsciously to copy the past especially the path brought you success.

        A breakthrough needs different mind that not squared in the box! I believe Nataf was good & bad example. I dont mean the person, I mean the choice of LVMH management to adopt a person out of box to run this business.

        If Zenith remains under JCB watch concept, it may good in short terms but for long times and LVMH group strategy could be harmful.

        Moreover, a successful man can be only success within a period. Common sense told me that’s just matter 10 or 15 years within a life. We are not lived in Vacuum environment! There is never shortage of talent of management, marketing, technology or even just concept of Watch industry.

      • the reason why blancpain doesn’t look like Omega is just because Omega was already under the crown of Swatch group. You need to concern the time!!

  • Nataf was the “killer” of the traditional (okay, sometimes boring) Zenith. Since Natafs exit, some interessting models arrived, but some of them were still a little bit crazy or too trendy. Hopefully, the new management will find the real Zenith-DNA. Fortunately for Zenith, their high frequency “motors” of the watches are still top.

  • I totally agree that Aldo brought Zenith back from their Disco / bling days. That being said … Rolling Stones … Cohiba .. was too bizarre for me. Massive potential in their recent Tipo 2 watch COMPLETELY blundered when they embargo any details of the watch until ten seconds before the watch is released. Nothing like building any anticipation for a historic piece. Those 1000 watches should have been all sold before they reached retailers.

  • Dear Alex,

    What a surprise to me but maybe not for insiders. I agree with the previous comments but have to say at least Zenith is on the right path and found his niche I think.

    Zenith is famous for their Chronographs and their movement. Think on the old Rolex Daytona which had a Zenith movement.

    Also JCB did a very good job to have two total different marketing strategy for TAG n Zenith and going back to their roots.
    I truly hope they could get a strong leader who can and must work movement from JCB even though that seems difficult if one has the charisma like him.

  • Dear Alex,

    I must say that resignation of Mr. Magada was expected since the arrival of JCB to the manufacture (you remember, of course, the same story of TAG). It seems that the period, when Mr. Magada was really independent, was too short for making any significant, and then he became the shadow of JCB.

    To my greatest regret, Zenith has experienced a lot of very different managers over the past decade and these changes didn’t go to the benefit of the brand. You must remember them: Thierry “Magnificent” Nataf with a crazy fancy for glamour, all these golden tourbillons with stars (in this period Zenith ceased to exist for me), and then Jean-Frédéric Dufour, who leaded the brand to the roots direction, but too short.

    It would be better if the brand, finally, will have the strong leader. I’m not sure that old fans will enjoy by new path of Zenith, but they haven’t other choice.

    Congrats to New Year!
    See you soon at SIHH,

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