My Chinese contributor Logan showing us some remarkable pieces of Beijing Watch in HKWCF

Some of you might have yesterday already discovered the pictures within the sneak preview to this report. Now I can offer you the full report of Beijing Watch which Logan just sent to me…

Thank you once again Logan for letting us discover the major Chinese watch manufacturers. I think most of us are note aware what´s going on in China and where the various makers position themselves.

Guys, please enjoy the insight views of Beijing Watch, another exclusive…

This is Logan´s report:

… “Yesterday, I have a chance to photograph some new pieces of Beijing Watch. It is quite amazing that they even make a three-axes tourbillon and tourbillon with minute repeater!

Although, the sound of minute repeater is small like mosquito buzzing, and the speed of each knock is not even. But, they did it. Because of the poor sound of the minute repeater, I did not record it. Honestly, I do believe that they can enhance the sound in the future. Everyone admit that there is a huge gap between a minute repeater movement and a minute repeater with a good sound. Still, surprisingly, they designed a minute repeater by themselves.

This is a minute repeater with a tourbillon. However, I cannot find any gong or hammer from the transparent case back. I think they just added a minute repeater module under the dial. Therefore, the tourbillon is very small, locating inside the aperture of the dial deeply. The power reserve is 63 hours.

This watch is available in 18k yellow gold, with 43mm diameter and 14.4mm height. The price of this tourbillon is 360,000CNY (about 57,000CHF)






There is not much information of watches of Beijing Watch available for the media. For instance, the rotating speed of each carriage of the three axes tourbillon and the number of jewels of movements is missing.

This three axes tourbillon with a one-axis tourbillon watch is just a prototype named ‘Wu Ji’. The meaning of this Chinese name is infinity. The final version of this watch may be changed and the price has not been decided yet. I personally think that the outer two carriages of the three axes tourbillon rotate too slowly to for the rotation to be recognized. It just looks like a one-axis tourbillon that’s been hold in a 3-dimention carriage. The rotating speed is of the second carriage is approximately 8 minutes per circle.

Hour flyback

Enamel moon phase disc

One-axis tourbillon at 10 o’clock

Three axes tourbillon at 6 o’clock

Date indicator at 9 o’clock

Power reserve indicator at 1 o’clock












The previous version of Beijing Watch ‘Wu Ji’ is called ‘Tai Ji’. It’s a dual-axis tourbillon. Sorry for the brief introduction because there is not much information offered.

Price: 387,000CNY (61,000CHF)

Enamel moon phase disc

Diameter: 44mm

Height: 17.2mm

46 jewels

Power reserve: 50 hours

18k yellow gold case

Date indicator at 7 o’clock

Time indicator at 3 o’clock

Dual-axis tourbillon at 9 o’clock




Other interesting Beijing Watch timepieces with enamel dials





A Beijing Watch timepiece with marvelous hand carving of Chinese zodiac, horse, in solid gold.

The carving is engraved by a Chinese lady, Meihua. She is very famous in China and she is an expert in micro engraving such as dial and watch case.

Price: 205,000CNY (32,500CHF)

Enamel dial (Black background)

Diameter: 40mm

Height: 11mm

Swiss movement







Model with the Beijing Watch






The booth of Beijing Watch


… you can see the logo on the ceiling.


Beijing Watch

It was founded in 1958. The factory has 600 staff at present. In 1995, Beijing Watch independently developed a tourbillon movement and the tourbillon watch was commercially available in 2004. Two years later, the brand started to exhibit in Baselworld. It is a state-owned factory, and it is one of the biggest watch factory in China.” …


Thank you Logan!

Now of course I am curious to get your feedback to what you have seen and read.

Guys, your comments are highly welcome!




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6 replies on “My Chinese contributor Logan showing us some remarkable pieces of Beijing Watch in HKWCF”
  1. says: Thomas

    Interesting update. I saw for the firs time a Beijing Watch in the mid 90′ in Shanghai and I have to say they came cam a long way. In general they look good I miss the refinements and details also good that they try to go their own way. Keep us posted. Not everything which is a consumer product out of China is scrap, give them some credit.

  2. says: Alex

    Thanks for the insight Logan and Alex. I agree with some of the comments. It’s not my favorite. I don’t like the design of the watch, it’s brute, not refined, just technical. But hey, remember the first Japanese cars a few decades ago? They were ugly, but worked. Same here: the watches are certainly not to everyone’s taste, but they work and the technical level of complication is high.

    For me the approach is too industrial. Someone there needs to realize that there is passion behind watchmaking – from the first screw to the last polish on a beautiful watch case. Let’s see if it takes them two decades to learn – I doubt it, so watch out!

  3. says: Phil

    When the Chinese produce a watch to compare to my Rolex sub & take the pressure that the rolex can , than I might be Interested.

  4. says: alex ioancio

    i don’t buy even if they give it for 100$ !!!
    I get sick every time I saw Chinese crap!!
    Sorry is my opinion

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