Congratulations Mister Supersonic Red Bull Stratos Felix Baumgartner

The picture shows Felix Zenith Stratos El Primero Chronograph on his right arm just after landing

It is just amazing, what Felix did today. Everyone who watched the Red Bull Stratos live coverage will have to admit that theses two hours where more than thrilling.

Now, after the big supersonic show I am trying hard to get a picture of Felix Zenith Stratos El Primero Chronograph. I was told already that the watch is still working and showed no damages. Until tonight I did not receive the picture I asked for and I could not find any pictures of his Zenith. Only the picture I am posting here and this comes from the Red Bull media pool. It seems they are having a huge party, because there have been only four pictures been posted after Felix jump. I have been magnifying his arm, to show you the watch, as close a possible and I will provide you more pictures, as soon they are available…



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