Cool or not cool? Breguet launches two colorful Classique Grande Complication Tourbillon models.

Let´s assume we had the money to buy one of these Breguet´s. Ladies: Is this a watch you would buy? Gentlemen: Would you like to see one of these colorful tourbillons on the wrist of your beloved ones? 


We all know that Breguet is one of the most reputable and innovative watch manufacturers in Switzerland. In terms of high-class tourbillons sold there is no one else worldwide performing better than Breguet.

Abraham-Louis Breguet´s (1747 – 1823) invention of the tourbillon was patented in 1801. The family Hayek, the today´s successors of the watchmaker genius, brought the name Breguet back to pomp and circumstances. But one thing until today was always eminent: The look of a Breguet was conservative. With some exceptions of course, but never as colorful as we see now …


Now I see these two flamboyant tourbillons that of course also exist in a much more conservative execution and I personally have to admit: Not bad at all!

I know: Everyone’s opinion is bound to be subjective.


So let us forget the price of 99.000 Euro for the next minutes and just see the extravagant white gold watch being moreover decorated with 99 brilliants.

Ladies and gentlemen allow me the question: Is this a cool watch?

Would you buy the Breguet Classique Grande Complication Tourbillon for your beloved ones?

Would you like to see this Breguet on her wrist?

Would a woman wearing such a flamboyant timepiece attract your attention?

If there are also women (I hope so! 🙂 ) among my readers… Ladies, please let me know: Would you buy this Breguet and wear it?


I recommend you to enlarge the pictures by clicking on them once and then again…


Breguet Classique Grande Complication Tourbillon
Breguet Classique Grande Complication Tourbillon
Breguet Classique Grande Complication Tourbillon
Breguet Classique Grande Complication Tourbillon



Breguet Classique Grande Complication Tourbillon: Reference 3358BB/2P/986 DD0D

Hand-wound mechanical movement. Tourbillon carriage at 6 o’clock. Small seconds on the tourbillon shaft. Compensating balance spring with Breguet overcoil.

Hour and minute dial off-centred at 12 o’clock.

Breguet Arabic numerals.

Bezel and lugs set with 74 diamonds, approx. 1.33cts.

Sapphire case back.

Ardillon buckle set with 25 diamonds totalling approx. 0.134 ct.

Case material : White gold

Calibre : 558.1/558T

Lines : 13¼

Case thickness (mm) : 9.15

Case dimension (mm) H : 35.00

Jewels : 21

Water-resistant (m) : 30

Power Reserve (hours) : 50

Frequency (Hz) : 2.5

Price: 99.900 Euro including 20 % VAT here in Austria






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11 replies on “Cool or not cool? Breguet launches two colorful Classique Grande Complication Tourbillon models.”
  1. says: Michael

    The blue: definitely yes, it would complement most women and what they wear. The red, not so much, though I’m sure the red has it’s fans, too.

    1. I totally agree! The blue one in my eyes looks georgeous.

      Imagine the combination of Tod’s gommino’s, a good fitting jean, a nice shirt or polo shirt worn together with such a watch on the wrist … 🙂

      Happy Sunday!

  2. says: Ooi Chew Wah

    Dear All ,What goes up ,must come down ,Video kill the radio stars sort of ,same goes to commercial products ,camera dies bowing to smart phones etc.

    I wonder what would happen to watches industry in yrs to come if prices keep going up.

    My 2 cts .TQ

  3. says: Amir

    As I was slowly scrolling down with my iphone, I was reading Alex’s description before actually seeing the watches. My imagination took off with ideas of how flamboyant or how ugly the watches were going to be… So once I finally saw the watches– I was extremely happy!

    These watches stay true to the Breguet design elements but add just a dash of color (and a lot of bling). They are very much “Breguet” timepieces, while still allowing a flair of style. Nice balance. My vote is COOL!

    1. says: Mike

      funny… I do the opposite. Since I want to see the watch first I scroll down to the bottom where the pictures are. Because of that I often don’t read anything about the watch.

      Maybe something to consider Alexander?

      P.S. cool.

  4. says: Philip Ray

    I absolutely dig them. Sharp looks with a little color combined with an excellent, whats not to like?

  5. says: Steve Cseplo

    I do like Breguet, heck I like all the Swatch groups brands, buy I’m left with feeling, “does the world really need another tourbillon watch?”

    That aside, I do find them quire attractive even tough diamond bezels and lugs are not to my particular taste, but if I had the money, I and my wife saw it and loved it, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it for her.

    So yeah, I’ll give it a cool.

    BTW, that arrow head on the seconds indicator is so small I almost missed it. I’m sure if it was on the wrist, it could be easily read.

  6. says: Debashish

    It is certainly cool!!!

    You can say I am always biased towards Breguet as I have loved Breguet for umpteen number of years!

  7. says: BigBird

    Cool! I would request an additional band in gold, covered in Dutch diamonds! Or Swiss diamantes…

  8. says: Mustafa

    Not cool… The colours simply don’t match the rest of the look and style of the watch for my taste.

    Either a classy or a sporty or a fancy watch – but not an allover mix of all – but perhaps I’m just conservative 😉

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