Discover the new Super Avenger Military chronograph by Breitling

Breitling Super Avenger Military chronograph

Breitling says: It’s a concentrated blend of power, precision and functionality. Can´t agree more if one likes such a type of watch.

I brought together some of the official arguments for the watch issued by Breitling for you and I added my comments together with a smiley.

The Super Avenger Military chronograph certainly lives up to its name.

Nomen est omen! 🙂

Its rugged steel case, water-resistant to 300 meters (= 1000 feet), features an ultra-resistant carbon-based black coating. The result is a non-reflective stealth-look clearly geared up for the most extreme missions.

Cool! Just in case we ever get in such a thrilling situation 🙂

The equally black dial provides a 24-hour “military time” display to avoid any potential confusion in the heat of action.

This one is also very convenient when travelling a lot once you get used to it. So there is also a civil use 🙂

The off roader-strap is made of a durable and comfortable synthetic fabric such as those adopted for their operations by the elite armed forces.

But not only for them: When we wear the watch under rough conditions it will almost last forever 🙂

The Super Avenger Military comes with screwed-in push-piece guards and a large screw-locked crown with non-slip grip guaranteeing maximum functionality.

That´s always positive, every watch should have such a crown 🙂

The thick glare-proofed sapphire crystals, as well as the oversized hands, hour-markers and numerals ensure optimal readability.

Very good! This is what we expect and nothing else! 🙂

The Super Avenger Military chronograph is equipped with a self-winding (ETA!) non-in-house movement chronometer-certified by the COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute).

The Super Avenger Military is issued in a 500-piece limited edition.

Only 500 pieces worldwide… That´s cool! If you like it, go for it … 🙂

The price: 6360 Euro including 20% VAT.

Breitling Super Avenger Military chronograph
Breitling Super Avenger Military chronograph
Breitling Super Avenger Military chronograph
Breitling Super Avenger Military chronograph


What do you think? You like the new Breitling?





12 replies on “Discover the new Super Avenger Military chronograph by Breitling”
  1. says: chandrashekhar deshmukh

    niceeeeeeeeeee watch but toooooo expensive in Indian rupees……………price should be affordable….

  2. says: Charles Marshall

    Good looks, indeed! Nice functionality, too. But paying the high price for the company’s name, reputation, advertising, public relations, celebrity endorsements, etc., is a bit too much to ask.

  3. says: jeremy

    I have had an affinity for Breitling’s watches for some time, but have never purchased one, and may never. Everytime I go to my local AD and try them on I am reminded of my plight: I have very small wrists and these watches are very large. They look a bit silly on me, and worse I feel a bit silly and pretentious when I put them on and try to convince myself that it looks good. Thankfully I have a good buddy who goes with me and is fairly candid, “That looks stupid big”, or, “You look like an idiot”. Alas, I am relagated to adore from afar. Stunning watch.

    1. says: alex

      You don’t look like an idiot! To be honest with you is one of the few things today what has left for fair people. It is just too big!
      Try smaller models like Navitimer 38mm or super ocean 38 mm. It must fit soemone. If not try something slim. If you have a small wrist slim watches are perfect. I admit that I wear large and small ones because I have a pretty large wrist , but when I put something slim my hand on a photo looks like king kong. But it is the normal thing. Many congrats for your honesty and objectivity. because of you society is going well. Cheers

  4. says: Jack

    Love this watch! Unfortunately, at just under $6500.00 USD, it probably won’t see my collection. Like the other writer, I would have liked to see the in-house movement they used in the new version of the Cosmonaute. That would have only made it farther out of reach.

  5. says: Debashish

    This looks like a great watch and hope it is affordable like most of the other Breitling watches!

    Please let us know the price as soon as possible.

  6. says: Norm Plotkin

    It’s a beauty but I would prefer Breitling employ its own proprietary movement. I think the 24 hour dial is very cool.

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