Erwin Sattler: If size matters for you and you are willing to learn something about precision pendulum clocks, please take some time an enjoy this video

Erwin Sattler

Whilst scrolling through the newest Erwin Sattler USB-stick I discovered this video. It is an eight-minute film that´s really worth to be seen.


During Baselworld I presented the latest development of Erwin Sattler, a giant precision pendulum clock, and I taped a conversation with Richard Müller who today is the co-owner of the company based in Munich Germany and the mastermind of its recent success.

Click >>> HERE <<< to get to my Baselworld report.

And this is the video I would like to recommend you to watch…







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  • Dear Alexander,

    I am speechless. The pretension expressed in Satller’s clocks is beyond my meager vocabulary. Is is a clock or a safe or a winder? You didn’t mention price but I bet I could find a restored S. Riefler for about the same price. One sold at Christie’s for 42.050 BPS

  • I visited their booth at Baselworld 2014, and was equally amazed by their extraordinary creations. Thanks for posting the video.

  • Dear Alexander,

    This is, without any doubt, one of the coolest things you posted. Period.
    Many thanks!

  • Dear Alexander,
    Could not resist but leave a comment about your post on Erwin Sattler cl
    I am based in Beijing, and had the pleasure to contemplate a big collection,if not nearly its whole, at Wempe boutique and at E. Sattler boutique.
    I was in Shanghai the other day, and the E.Sattler boutique owner invited me to visits the shop, which I consider a gallery..there was one of the two gigantic clocks produced, working there, available to the view at man’s height, maybe german’s man height though;) as the clock is quite big, it weights 2,5 tons I have been told..!
    As myself a watchmaker, I could not stay neutral here and wanted to share with you how astonished I was looking at the level of craftmanship displayed in every corner of this clock!
    Well done!

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