Eterna will no longer be in charge to produce the Porsche Design watches. Today the Porsche Design Group officially announced to no longer continue the partnership with Eterna.

This information was due for a couple of weeks now: Eterna and the Porsche Design Group will end their license agreement for the development, production and sale of high-quality watches that was started in 1997.

After the family Porsche sold Eterna to the China Haidian Group the climate in-between the two business partners day by day got rougher. In the beginning the Porsche Design Group still agreed that Eterna should continue to produce the Porsche Design watches. But after all the recent turbulences and bad news around Eterna (I have been reporting about the issue here on the blog), the Porsche Design Group took the decision to separate from Eterna.

This is the official statement: “The Porsche Design Group (Porsche Lizenz- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG) and Eterna AG Uhrenfabrik, based in Grenchen, Switzerland, are ending their license agreement for the development, production and sale of high-quality watches.”

After tough and long negotiations today it got official… Whilst the Porsche Design Group is ready to get back into the watch business very soon, I personally doubt that Eterna can look into a bright future from now on.

The Porsche Design Group has already put together a high-performing team to start its own watch production including own calibres. I will inform you about more details very soon, today I am only allowed to tell you that we will see first own produced Porsche Design watches already end of this year.

In the press statement Eterna somehow seems to celebrate this separation, but honestly I think this is the beginning of the end. Eterna literally does not exist any more and without Porsche Design as a valuable partner there is even much less now. So let me ask this question: Eterna quo vadis?


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  • It is a real pity, but under China Haidian’s governance and control, famous Swiss watch brands like Corum and Eterna will lose their myth or go even over like Codex. The group’s management does not understand the spirit and the mystery of luxurious watches. Even the company stock reacts only on the majority shareholder’s buybacks. The best they could do is to sell their participation and to concentrate on their rather inexpensive Chinese brands.

  • I love the Porsche Design when they were made by IWC, once this partnership ended… Porsche Design loose all interest to me.
    If were my decision, I would contact someone BIG to make the new watches.
    Some people dont buy just the name, or “the look”, some are interested in a good caliber from a recognized manufacture.
    Greetings Mr. Linz, keep up the good work!!!

  • Porsche makes very particular and iconic cars as Rolex makes very particular and iconic watches. Does this mean that Rolex can make particular and iconic cars?
    To my opinion Porsche tried it and failed and the best way, for Porsche, to withdraw from the market was to find a good excuse to do it!!!!! The rumors about the new, inhouse movements etc, may be for marketing purposes and only that. Let’s not forget that they are Germans with lots of flies flying under their nose……these days!!!

  • This is the end of European dominance over China with China being the “lesser entity in technical and marketing brilliance” they do not wish to play second fiddle to anybody, it is called pride. We all know what comes after pride.

  • Makes perfect sense as most watch collector are also car enthousiast and Porsche is an incredible brand. See you in Glasshuette gentlemen!

  • To me it’s more a marketing problem – they have great finishing quality, interesting inhouse movements and a history many other brands would envy! But they seem somewhat lost regarding retail space, publicity, pricing.. I hope they can fix that soon.

  • Eterna was always an interesting and quirky brand. I’ve had a few of their timepieces over time, and I always enjoyed the brand. They seem to have lost their way in recent years, despite having several of their own in-house movements. With the recent acquisition of the group, I think Eterna’s days are numbered… it’s a pity.

  • I’m sad to hear this, as much as I like Eterna and wish them succeess I don’t see them fighting to gain market relevance. Is Antonio Calce still CEO? The recent hire of Bruno Jufer seemed positive, hopefully they will show a new direction in Basel. Re. Porsche, I’m trying to guess if Mr. Kury will make a comeback?

    • Best news of the day .
      Porsche has to focus on a specific design .
      Nobody cares if it’s all in house production as long they provide a good quality product with an exquisite look .
      Price has to be reasonable for the middle class .

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