Every Split Second Counts – The History of Olympic Timekeeping. 4 educative & thrilling videos one has to see …

Omega provided me the documentary “Every Split Second Counts” by John Dower. It is packed with thrilling film sequences from the past, interviews with former and in Rio performing athletes and with a look behind the scenes of timekeeping today. 


The documentary came as an entire, much to long video. 48 minutes! I decided to split it up in four shorter parts for you, so you can watch one after the other easily and really enjoy this fascinating documentary.

Everything is ready to stream on any device, in any size and quality, and in four reasonable short sequences!


From my side there is no more to say (write) …

Relax and enjoy, guys!


















I am obliged to make this announcement: Some obvious silly bureaucratic rules do not allow me to split the documentary in four easy to access and consume parts. Those of you who already saw the documentary were the lucky ones to easy access it …

As I can tell you more than 40 % of you guys access www.watch-insider.com with a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). I thought it was a good idea to split up this 48 minutes documentary in four smaller parts. So you could watch one after the other one easily. This is what I did. Today I was informed I do not have the rights to split the documentary.

Ok, guys than you will have to watch this educative, interesting and thrilling documentary in one piece. My intentions for you where different, but for whatever reason I am not supposed to do so.

I in fact did the right thing! These show the counts how you guys saw the four videos so far: First a lot of views for the first part, than the second, the third and the fourth part. And with more than 2500 views of each part in only one day there is interest!

SORRY guys, I will now take of the four parts of the documentary offline and replace it by a link to YouTube.



Guys, let me know what you think. If you liked what you saw, do not hesitate to recommend these videos to your friends and neighbors






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  • Alex ,
    This was a fabulous video .
    Why don’t you move to the USA and be a special watch reporter for a tv network .
    You could make a fortune .

  • Accurately timing the swimming as well as the track events is extremely difficult and Omega is doing truly a super job in this regard for all these years.

    The videos are simply fabulous; keep on posting the great stuff and thanks a lot!

  • Oh wow thank you so much for publishing this.
    You learn something new everyday. I always loved Omega, but to learn this piece of its history gives it a huge boost in my eyes.
    Truly inspiring.

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