Exclusive interview with Jean-Claude Biver on the occasion of the launch of a new Hublot collection

I just spoke to the charismatic Jean-Claude Biver, who today is the chairman of Hublot. Listen what he has to say about Hublot, the new Hublot watches and the watch industry in general.

Everyone of course knows Jean-Claude Biver. Or is there anyone among you who does not?

Monsieur Biver is one of the most successful managers of the watch industry. Monsieur Biver was and is always ahead of time. I like to remember when Monsieur Biver at the time being started the trend with black watches and even called his new Hublot watches “All Black”.

Everything was black: the watch, the dial and the hands, just everything. People asked Monsieur Biver how can one read the time from such a watch and he answered: “There is no need to read the time from my watches, but it is just cool to have one. A watch like this is a strong statement on the wrist, someone buying a completely black watch wants to make a statement.” Still today I would say: Too cool Monsieur Biver 🙂

The defenders of the traditional watch industry were upset; some even said: Biver is completely crazy now.

So far so good… But just some months later these people copied Biver´s idea in doing exactly the same and they had to admit that Biver was just once again much ahead of time.

Guys, this is just one little example; I could quote many more here and now.

Please take some time and listen what Monsieur Biver just told me. You will be able to discover not just a brand new trend at Hublot but also some new watch trends coming this year.



By the way… I am curious to see how long it will take until someone copies this new trend…

I will show the pictures of the new watches tomorrow. So PLEASE come back!


Jean-Claude Biver  (right) and me tonight after our dinner here in Samnaun / Switzerland at the Hotel Chasa Montana that belongs to the Zegg family.





This is a teaser…

It´s all about Jeans 🙂 It´s all about real Dsquared-Jeans-Denim being used the very first time on the dial and on the strap 🙂 And you will not only see women´s watches …



341.SX.2710.NR.1901.JEANS-PR-HR-W Kopie




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