Hands on the new TAG Heuer Connected watch … #connectedtoeternity

TAG Heuer Connected Watch. #ConnectedToEternity

I got the chance to film some of the functions of the new TAG Heuer Connected watch … These are two videos filmed with my iPhone …

Please forgive me the not so perfect quality. Today here in New York everyone wanted to get his hands on the TAG Heuer Connected watch …




Let me know what you think …

If you communicate about the watch use: #connectedtoeternity





14 replies on “Hands on the new TAG Heuer Connected watch … #connectedtoeternity”
  1. says: Hans

    I believe Tim Cook will call for an emergency meeting to discuss what to do with Mr Biver as sale of IWatch will go to a total hold.

  2. says: Hans

    As expected Mr Biver come with a watch out of the blue, disabled Apple head office power system. What is the battery life like, most iWatch people I have been in contact with have informed it need to be recharged minimum every 12 hours,

    Firom a distance it looks like Mr Biver Hublot black face limited edition.

  3. says: CTR_Paul

    Contrary to the thoughts of Alexander Linz I think using Android as the platform for this is a good move. If you’re invested in Apples products and you want a watch you’ll probably buy one of those rather unattractive Apple watches (after all the Apple watch will the one that gets the updates and new features!). So putting the TH Connected watch against this would have proven a silly move IMO. Placing the watch on Android, which is the largest used mobile OS see’s it open to a market that really isn’t saturated at all, and certainly not with a premium watch product. The success of premium android phones suggests there certainly is a market for this.

    Naturally as a collector of watches, 4 of which are THs and a long term Android user I was very keen on this watch. That was until I saw that it is 46mm, and I’m afraid that’s just too large for me and my collection, which is a shame, because I loved the idea of trading it in 2 years down the line for a mechanical Carrera.

  4. says: Mark

    “”That’s a big disadvantage because a lot of people who buy luxury products use iPhones and not Android technology.”

    LOL, what an idiot. Embarrassing himself so badly on the internet with clueless idiot tripe like this.

    Almost as bad as the UK based BBC, thinking that how idiot status obsessed Americans think reflects how the rest of the world thinks.

    1. I would have with great pleasure answered you, but I refuse to talk/write to people who in only a few phrases three times use the word “idiot”. Maybe you think about it, come back later again and try to be more polite next time …

  5. says: Patrick Weigert

    It’s somewhat surprising that a few months ago the Apple Watch was discussed in the Swiss watch industry not to be a fully accepted wrist watch and to look more like a superfluous gadget. Now TAG Heuer launches a Smartwatch on the market and you now hear completely different voices and talks. Unfortunately, the TAG Heuer brings all of the disadvantages of Android Wear with itself. The unripe user interface as well as the restricted and limited compatibility with the iPhones from Apple. Since Apple can remain completely relaxed; this is no competition for the Apple Watch. But talking about competition. We should better take a look into the Android camp, so there is the new shooting star, the Samsung Gear 2; and it costs 1,000 EURO less than the TAG Heuer with even better operating system and real innovative man machine interface. The only thing the TAG Heuer Connected can do better, is the ever-active display. This is a step in the right direction. We see the water boils even with TAG Heuer at 100 degrees but at much higher costs.

  6. says: Thomas

    Well executed and I like the different dials and funcionalities.
    The main questions though are;
    1. What is the real difference to I-Watch
    2. Is this going to be a game changer, like the I-Pod etc. where everyone wants to have one?
    3. Is Biver not 100% sure about Wearables since he is offering to the buyer of the Connect to change after two years to a mechanical watch. Genius idea though a bit expansive!
    Like the Titanium case

  7. says: Tom A.

    For Logan: i have the impression that it is mainly the more traditional good looks. Features seem quite similar. Th is in titanium, the competing apple watch is in steel.
    An interesting difference is the option to eventually exchange the internals to mechanical (at a high total end price it must be said).
    Regarding the straps I do prefer the innovation that Apple showed by making with their straps with dedicated lugs.

    1. says: Logan

      Yes I agree. The exchange option shows Biver’s geniuses. This option will offer an opportunity to the buyers of this smart watch, to discover the world of mechanical watches.

      As a traditional watch brand, it is not important to make a smart watch that different from others. It is important to let more people love mechanical watch.

  8. says: Robert Harper

    I think this is brilliant in design but do I need it? Will it make my life better? I honestly don’t know the answers. I did not need my iPhone or the iPad on which I am writing this but now I can’t live without them. Perhaps I need this watch but don’t yet realize it.

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