Hey guys, do you have kids? They are 3 to 7 years old? Good! So let them discover the fascinating world of watches with a Flik Flak.

At Easter it would be a great occasion to start your personal family-watch-tradition by presenting your kids their very first watches. With a Flik Flak you can not do anything wrong. I think timekeeping competence is not only a topic for adults.

Nowadays I often hear that kids can no longer read the time from a classical watch and that they no longer care about wristwatches at all. Smartphones and other electronic devices have taken over the function of telling the time. Guys be honest, isn´t this a shame? We all here love watches, they are part of our major interests and we spend a lot of money for wristwatches.

So I personally think it is time to gift a watch to your kids. The Flik Flak formula works for kids of all ages, with design and styling masterpieces crafted to appeal to tiny tots (3+), pre-schoolers (5+) or mini wannabe grown-ups (7+).  All of the watches are shock- and water-resistant and have a scratch-resistant mineral-glass face. Time to let the imagination run wild …

Flik Flak is the world’s best-selling children’s watch and has been keeping children all over the world on track since 1987. It was the first child’s watch to translate the concept of telling the time into accessible fun and entertainment. The Flik Flak watches are all Swiss made, featuring a robust aluminum case and scratch-resistant mineral glass. Their “power” comes from Swiss quartz movements, they are shock-resistant and those with textile straps are machine washable (!!!!) at a temperature of up to 40º C. Flik Flak is a brand of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch producer and distributor, with more than 160 production sites in Switzerland.

This is the Flik Flak spring-summer collection 2013

The Flik Flak Cute Size watches celebrate an essential truth: the smaller the kids, the bigger the scope of their imagination. Inspiring a passion to learn to tell the time in the 3+ age group is a colorful world on the move, where cowboys and indians, nature and fire-fighting go hand in hand. Learning takes place at the flick of the wrist, as the iconic cartoon characters, Flik and Flak, count the hours and minutes in their leading roles as watch hands. Function is fun, robustness rules – and fabric straps mean a turbulent spin in the washing machine is always an option after bedtime.



Clocks tick fast when starting school is just around the corner. Instead of counting down the number of sleeps, the Flik Flak Preschool watches fill the remaining time with fantasy. Timekeeping competence is colour-coded to sow the seeds for cool school and fabric straps add a second signature of practicality. At the same time, a growing passion for fashion and interest in hip hobbies have clearly made their mark on the design drawing board.



As soon as kids have learned to tell the time, they love to accelerate swiftly into the fast lane of growing up. The Flik Flak Full Size watches equip them for the bumpy ride, providing Swiss made quality and durability for those moments when wannabe grown-ups temporarily remember what fun it is to be 7+. This age group is full of ideas for filling time with fantasy – Flik Flak is there to turn their styling and learning dreams into dependable reality.


After seeing these Flik Flak-watches do you now understand what I mean with starting your own family tradition? It is our personal responsibility to continue the so fascinating watch tradition also in our families and I am a bit conservative since I think a watch should tell time and not a smartphone.

Please do me a favor: Show these Flik Flak watches to all your friends who have kids … I am sure they will like them … I am sure they will agree that kids should wear a watch … I am sure they also want that watch tells the time …

I think timekeeping competence is not only a topic for adults … 🙂





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