The Hublot Jeans Collection – first live taken pictures

I already had the opportunity to take some pictures of two of the new Hublot “Jeans”. Please discover the Hublot Big Bang Jeans and the Hublot King Power Oceanographic 4000 Jeans.


From left to right: Maria Höfl-Riesch, a champion alpine ski racer and Olympic and Alpine World Ski Championships gold medalist from Germany (she is one of Hublot’s famous sport ambassadors), Hublot Chairman Jean-Claude Biver and Tina Zegg of Zegg & Cerlati Jewelers just officially presented the new “Jeans”-collection of Hublot here in Samnaun / Switzerland at Zegg Jewelers.



The Hublot “Jeans”-collection will now steadily grow and already very soon come to the international markets. The watches for Zegg & Cerlati are already in the stores here in Samnaun in Switzerland, in Ischgl in Austria and in Monte Carlo.

Please click on the pictures and take a close look to see the excellent texture of the strap and the dial. Both are made out of real Denim. And you will recognize it is not always the same type of Denim.





Hublot King Power Oceanographic 4000 Jeans











Hublot Big Bang Jeans
















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4 replies on “The Hublot Jeans Collection – first live taken pictures”
  1. says: Adam

    I appreciate your response and understand your stance as a blogger but I am absolutely sure I would not change my opinion if I saw the watches, I think they are a design failure and a gimmick that few other watchmakers (if any) will follow. I expect to see them coming up for sale on second hand sites very quickly at greatly reduced prices, much like the poor relationship that Panerai had with Ferrari. But we will see what happens!

    1. I woul not write that I believe the Hublot Jeans collection will be a success if I would not believe it. We are here not talking about watches for hard core collectors who seek purity and tradition we are talking about a new wealthy clientele that seeks lifestyle products. They have the means and they will buy those watches.

      Tina Zegg who, initiated the jeans collection, owns, together with her partner Carlo Cerlati, the famous Zegg & Cerlati watch & jewelry boutique in Monte Carlo and she knows what she can sell. These watches address themselves at a wealthy and trendy clientele …

      Please also listen to my interview with Jean-Claude Biver …

  2. says: Adam

    I really think Hublot have reached a new low with these tacky, terrible designs. Putting denim on the face of the watch is one of the worst things I have ever seen. They will be very quickly copied by China and will be worn by even more people who crave attention but have no taste whatsoever. 0/10 Hublot!!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Such a watch will of course not please everyone. But, I can assure you the new Hublot Jeans collection will be a success and this idea very soon – as always – will be copied by many renown Swiss watch manufacturers. What the Chinese copy or do not cooy is not really important… Just a personal remark: I assume you have not seen an Hublot Jeans live yet. Once you have the chance to touch and feel one go for it… You will thereafter change your opinion about the new Jeans collection.

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