Hublot reinforces its partnership with Ferrari. These are the new Ferrari-watches shown in Geneva

Hublot and the Scuderia Ferrari work together well. It is not just a simple partnership about manufacturing some watches. The two brands have become real friends meanwhile …


Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot, told me: “A fantastic first year of collaboration between Ferrari and Hublot is coming to an end. This has been highly successful, both commercially, with the two first Big Bangs in titanium and Magic Gold – the famous first ever scratch-resistant 18-carat gold invented by Hublot – and promotionally, with more than 130 events.”


The new “Big Bang Ferrari Red Magic Carbon” is the new symbol of the brand’s progress towards verticalisation, with its case and its movement designed, developed, and produced entirely at the Hublot manufacture. The Unico movement is designed, developed, machined and assembled by the micro-mechanical engineers, engineers and watchmakers at Hublot. Its carbon fibre case is also entirely designed, developed and manufactured by Hublot thanks to a team of specialists who joined the in-house team two years ago, and who understand all the production stages of its components perfectly. What sets it apart is the forging of all the carbon fibre components using the multi-layer principle: This involves the stacking of several sheets of carbon fibre (up to twelve for the thickest component), pressed into moulds and placed in polymerization ovens. The advantage of this principle: No bubbles, therefore providing the material with excellent homogeneity as well as higher mechanical strength. The in-house machining is done on specially adapted machines with five spindles. Each component of the case and the movement is subjected to continual checks throughout the manufacturing process. Finally, the mass of the red sapphire crystal for this model was coloured directly by adding chemical components during the development of the material. Thanks to this process, the colour is unalterable.


These are my photographs taken under very poor light conditions. To really enlarge all these pictures please click on them twice.


The Hublot “Big Bang Ferrari Red Magic Carbon” is a limited edition of 1000 numbered timepieces


These are my photographs …








… and this is a computer rendering from Hublot …





The new Hublot “Ferrari King Gold Carbon” is a limited edition of 500 numbered timepieces

These are my photographs …











… and this a computer rendering from Hublot…






The new Hublot “Ferrari All Black” is a limited edition of 1000 numbered timepieces

I did not take photographs from this watch so I can offer you “only” a computer rendering …




Please find the technical specifications of the new watches here:








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