I proudly announce that 1000 posts are online! The internal counter just showed me. Let me on this occasion also mention that 5291 comments have been posted so far. Thank you guys for your ongoing interest and participation! By the way: The next real HOT and TOP story will go online October 20th at 09:00 CEST.

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  • many congratulations! keep up the great work! it has been a joy following your first class reporting and amazing interviews with key people within the industry.

  • Take a bow Alexander!

    I enjoy your reports immensely, especially your XL-sized pictures, keep it up!

    We are with you!

  • Congratulations Alex, you do a great job ,you have the best newsletter/blog bar none .cheers

  • You are doing an excellent job, enjoying listen to your interviews with rich and famous like Mr Biver.
    I believe when you travel to US, Mr Biver most likely will come with a watch that will bring Apple sale to a hold, will be the top story and bring shock waves in Apple head office.

  • A million thanks for that 1000 posts, Mr.Alexander Linz!!!!
    Keep up the good job.
    We will like to continue reading your great histories.

    Thank you again!!!

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