I want your opinion: Is it enough to colour a typical pilots watch and to launch the watches under the name Pop-Pilot?

Pop-Pilot BKK

We know how a classical and typical pilots watch looks like. Black and white are the only two colours used for these emblematic timepieces. Tell me now what you think about these ones …

During the summer-holidays of the watch industry almost everything is shut down, so I have the time and pleasure to also deal with such colourful watches.

Some days ago the brand Pop-Pilot sent me an electronic choice of its new watches. It seems quite particular to me to do a redesign of the classical pilots watch with vibrant colours. On the dial of each watch you will also find the IATA-three-letter-code indicating the city to which the Pop-Pilot watch is dedicated. E.g. BKK for Bangkok …

Before you tell me what you think, please do also quickly read the official welcome-statement of Pop-Pilot:

… “Welcome on board

TEMPUS FUGIT. Did you know that a Pop-Pilot watch has an extensive family history? It began at the start of the 20th century: The so-called pilot watch was created to enable the pilots of the fledgling field of aviation to read the time under stress and to navigate at night. Its larger-than-average size, clear design, and easy readability in the dark made it a style icon in the decades to follow, and not just for pilots. But we no longer want to sit in the dark. We want to be in the sun. A subtle black won’t do. We want colour. Whether on the beach, on the street, or in a club: A Pop-Pilot is a bold sign of the times. So please buckle up – we’re going back to the future! POP MANET.” …


Now let us have a look…

These are some of the designs realised by Pop-Pilot. A quartz movement that is embedded in a 316L-steelcase powers all the watches and they cost 180 Euro each.


Pop-Pilot BKK
Pop-Pilot BKK
Pop-Pilot KIX
Pop-Pilot KIX
Pop-Pilot SXM
Pop-Pilot SXM
Pop-Pilot SEZ
Pop-Pilot SEZ
Pop-Pilot PUJ
Pop-Pilot PUJ



You like the? Let me know!


Not sure yet…

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  • Hey guys,

    just came across your threat and would like to thank you for your feedback! As some of you might know, we’ve just released an improved version of our POP-PILOT – now 10ATM, further improvements on the case as well as the straps. If you have any ideas, feedback or complaints – we’re happy to take care of it! Just drop us a line at luftpost@pop-pilot.com.

    Regarding a mechanical version, will come in 2015, would you prefer a Miyota or Selitta movement?

    All the best

  • I think the colours bring a “breath of fresh air” to the watch but I believe the key thing for a pilot’s watch is “readibility”, hence the colour contrast among the dial, markers and hands must be maintained.
    It could be similar to what Swatch did with their quartz Scuba watches, plenty of colour combination, making it a fun, casual watch besides serving its basic diving function.
    I like it.

  • I think that the varied colors are refreshing in a Swatch-esque way. Of the watches you featured, I like the BKK, the JFK, and the MAD. From Pop-Pilot website I like the green/tan earthtones of the MUC.

  • I agree with Thomas in that it will appeal to a specific demographic which I think is a good thing.

  • Color is good. I like them. And The price is great.

    BTW, IMHO, fashion watches have their place in any watch collection. Ans these are nice ones.

    Now, what does the ATL version look like?

  • why not? if a big player would have launched that, everybody would be amazed… e.g.: rolex just put a new dial onto an existing watch without changing any other detail and promoted this as a big deal…

  • I think it is a good idea for a summer watch. It seems like the pilot style translates well to other colours. In my opinion it would have been better to omit the “uniquely color-calibrated timepiece” text on the dial, to make it cleaner. The straps are fun.
    By the way, my own favourite watch is a non-traditional pilot style watch as well: the German Damasko DA373 (google it!) has a fully luminous white dial.

  • Alex,

    I’d guess to each his/her own. Some of the color schemes are way-way out there but, I guess it’s the way one dresses or the Airline’s profile?

    Here’s what I believe every good pilot’s watch must provide:

    1- A clearly and easily apparent contrast between hands and hour markers wherein each hand is visibly impossible to confuse with another.

    2- A big enough glare-proof dial and markers to be easy to read in split second reference under all conditions; low light or bright-bright cockpit.

    3- Preferably a second time-zone hand or marker one can set on dial or bezel

    4- Comfortable on the wrist {not a pie-tin or pie plate} So, that’s contour & balance.

    Without these features it may be a watch but, it’s not for pilots. Any more complications are fine if they don’t interfere with # 1 thru 4.

    Cheers, Jon

  • Don’t like the lettering on the dial. As per the case and coloring looks fun. But not for serious contender. Much more of a ladies watch. The straps look interesting.

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