This is my insight view of Roger Dubuis. Let´s start today with an interview with CEO Jean-Marc Pontroué

Roger Dubuis CEO Jean-Marc Pontroué joined the company one year ago

I do invite you to follow me to Roger Dubuis in Geneva. This is part one of my report. Let´s start with an interview with the CEO. In the next days much more is to come.

On Tuesday this week I had the chance to visit Roger Dubuis in Geneva. The luxury watch manufacturer is able to produce almost every part of a watch in house. I was able to take a lot of interesting pictures and I saw almost the whole collection of watches. So please be sure to come back and do not miss the next part of my report.

CEO Jean-Marc Pontroué joined the company one year ago. Before that he was working for Montblanc. After Richemont bought Roger Dubuis a lot of work needed to be done. Especially the quality of the movements was an issue. There was always a lot of creativity at Roger Dubuis, but many things just went to quick. You cannot develop a mechanical movement in just a view months. Today after some intense years of restructuring the brand is now able to do a full restart. In the beginning Georges Kern, the CEO of IWC, helped a lot and set up the team to restructure Roger Dubuis. Today Georges Kern is more in the background and the team in Geneva is doing the main job.

The new CEO Jean-Marc Pontroué is very charismatic and he has a clear vision how to run the company. His primary goal is now to find the right mix of avant-garde and tradition and to deliver some of the best watches you can find in the industry. Note, that Roger Dubuis is actually the only manufacturer who produces all his watches under the strict rules of the Geneva Seal (Poinçon de Genève). Some 40 percent of extra time is necessary to produce a watch that fulfills the requirements of the Geneva Seal. It is al about decorating every single part of the movement. A movement produced under the rules of the Geneva Seal is a real piece of art.

160 of the 250 employees at Roger Dubuis are watchmakers they are young and very creative. You will see some amazing new watches at the SIHH in Geneva in January 2013. I already saw some of them, but I am not allowed to publish anything before December. By the way this another good reason to come back…


Now let´s start with the interview with CEO Jean-Marc Pontroué and with a video that shows you the spirit of the dynamic and still very young company founded in 1995


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Roger Dubuis CEO Jean-Marc Pontroué joined the company one year ago



This picture is just a teaser… My insight view will go online in the next days



Curious? Have a look at the latest video that shows you the world of Roger Dubuis…



Alexander Linz and Roger Dubuis CEO Jean-Marc Pontroué during the interview on Tuesday




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