Is my watch magnetized? Simply check it with your iPhone! Let me show you something useful and cool …

Lepsi Watch Mag mobile

With the new Lepsi Watch Mag mobile invented in Geneva you now can easily measure if your watch is magnetized or not and then figure out if this is the reason why your watch runs fast or late.


How often have I been describing you the tremendous negative effects of magnetic fields for a mechanical watch. Omega is releasing more and more absolut anti-magnetic calibres to make its watches absolut resistant against the known and steadily growing sources of magnetic fields.

When a watch once is magnetized it will start to run either late or fast and if the watch is exposed to more and/or stronger magnetic fields it will simply stop to run/function.

Often people do not realize that this is the “simpel” problem why their (expensive and reliable) wristwatches run fast or late.

With the new  Lepsi Watch Mag mobile App you now can measure yourself in only some seconds if your wristwatch is magnetized or not.

This is what you have to do:

Download the free Lepsi Watch Mag mobile App from the Apple App-Store and then activate it on your iPhone or iPad.


Lepsi Watch Mag mobile
Lepsi Watch Mag mobile



Go in the setup mode of the Lepsi Watch Mag mobile App, then place your iPhone/iPad on a table. Take a small magnet and move it around the screen without touching your iPhone/iPad. Observe the magnetic strength displayed by the App. The higher the “magnitude” digits get, the closer your magnet is to the iPhone´s sensor.


Lepsi Watch Mag mobile
Lepsi Watch Mag mobile



So, once you’ve found the sensor, double click on the identified area. Above you a screenshot of my iPhone 6S. The sensor’s position will be now be represented by a good visible circle.


After you have pinpointed the sensor on your iPhone/iPad, you now can measure your watch’s magnetism:

Click on the above shown “Start”-button and wait for three seconds. Now put your watch about one centimeter away from the sensor (the visible circle) without having it touch the screen.



Lepsi Watch Mag mobile
Lepsi Watch Mag mobile




If the message “No Magnetism” shows up, your watch is not magnetized.

If the message “Magnetism Detected” shows up your watch is magnetized.



Lepsi Watch Mag mobile
Lepsi Watch Mag mobile



Lepsi Watch Mag mobile
Lepsi Watch Mag mobile



In case your watch is magnetized you could demagnetize it by using a demagnetizer. You can buy a demagnetizer online or even at the website of Lepsi

You don’t want to do it by yourself? Every watch service center will also be able to demagnetize your watch …

Absolutely cool and free of charge!


Guys, please test your watches and tell me what you detected!





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13 replies on “Is my watch magnetized? Simply check it with your iPhone! Let me show you something useful and cool …”
  1. says: Ayreonaut

    My new Swiss watch is running slow. I have an Android, but I just downloaded a Gauss Meter app, and confirmed that my watch affects it. Moving my watch around in front of the phone caused a max reading of 0.72 Gauss. I am going to buy a demagnetizer online and will let you know how it goes.

  2. says: myself

    Well … An ipad or iphone produces magnetism … so this application which is supposed to tell you if your watch is mgnetized is actually …. magnetizing your watch???
    Or am I missing something? All serious watch shops always told me to keep my watches away from my phone …

    1. I agree with the iPad, but the iPhone in a distance of 1 cm will not harm your watch, but detect magnetism. It’s the compas’ sensor doing this and as the earths magnet field is quite weak it wouldn’t work if the iPhone would disrupt the sensor…

    2. says: MrTissot

      I was exactly the same thing. I think you’ll end up magnetizing a watch this way. This App seems a little suss to me!

  3. says: Mulchester

    I tried the app on my iPad. My kobold has been gaining 10 min over a week. Magnetized! Maybe that’s it’s problem, beside it’s company’s service is horrible. I then tried it on another 15-20 watches in my collection. Most showed magnetizim detected. Omega speedmaster, speedmaster pro, universal gene, several, movados. One stowa was, 3 more not. 2 nomos yes, 5 not. Eberhard not, Hermes, mauboussin, bedat were not. Seems like the less expensive watches were not magnetized. Both Quartz, manual wind and automatic showed both results in different examples. Some said magnetizim detected just getting close to the screen. Others needed to be almost touching it. Aside from magnets, how do watches become magnetized?

  4. says: Roy Radin

    I tested my Omega Seamaster 300. The movement is anti-magnetic >15,000 Gauss. The reading was: “Magnetism Detected” Could it be that only the case is magnetized? The watch runs perfectly. If it is the only case, what good is the app? I Also tested my Tudor North Flag – “No Magnetism” and my Seiko Sumo” – “Magnetism Detected” . Both watches are running fine.

    1. Magnetism detected tells you that the entire watch is magnetised. In case of the Omega it is the proof that what Omega does makes sense. The Tudor is equipped with a silicon spiral and therefore not so affected by being magnetised. In case of the Seiko it may be that the amount of radiation is not yet causing problems but could in the future. Anyhow every magnetised watch should be demagnetised …

      1. says: Roy Radin

        Alexander, Thanks for the response. Can you recommend a good demagnetizer that I can purchase in the U.S. The one you have, (Elma) is not available here.

  5. says: David

    Great, Alexander. Tried the app and already found a magnetized watch in my collection again. As this happens to me frequently, I ordered now a demagnetizer as well.

  6. says: Harald

    Hello Alexander,
    The app works perfectly on the iPad. Immediately found the sensor location with a small Nd magnet (5x5x5 mm) – Magnitude: 1600.
    I like the “Configure” mode more, because it gives quantitative readings.
    With my watches over the display while still in “Configure” mode, I get small readings of 45 – 50. In “Measure” mode, the binary result (“No Magnetism”/”Magnetism Detected”) strongly depends on the distance from the screen – hard to tell …
    But definitely a nice tool!

    1. I use it with my iPhone and I did not find a magnetised watch so far… The reason might be that I have a Elma Antimag in my office and I regularly demagnetise all my watches… In fact areal cool tool!

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