Jaquet Droz The Charming Bird: Discover the watch, see photos and an HD-video

Jaquet Droz The Charming Bird

In Shanghai I had my hands on the todays ultimate luxury
that in the 18th century was only accessible
to emperors and kings: a wristwatch-singing-automaton …

Just to explain my above made statement: Of course at that time the wristwatch was not invented and the singing automaton were only accessible for very few people since they were incredibly expensive … Today The Charming Bird defines ultimate luxury for me … Rare, exclusive, just stunning …

Marc Hayek showed me the watch and the
Jaquet Droz team travelling with Marc to
Shanghai answered almost all my questions. In the
18th century Pierre
was highly talented watchmaker. Royal Courts
admired his automatons (The Musician, The Writer and The
Draughtsman) as well as his songbird automata. The pictures show
two songbird automata from the 18th century …   JD_THE_BIRD_ CAGE_HR_2 JD_THE_BIRD_ CAGE_HR J0000001_HR   To celebrate
the 275th anniversary of the Pierre
manufactory the todays engineers and
watchmakers at Jaquet Droz now have combined the
automata that first made its reputation in the 18th century with
Haute Horlogerie to present The Charming Bird.
This ultra complicated timepiece, for which a patent has been
filed, differs from its historic predecessors in its modern,
pared-down esthetic, in which we find a miniature singing bird
ensconced in a 47mm-diameter timepiece with a determinedly
contemporary look featuring black, charcoal-gray and transparent
elements. I asked Marc Hayek what do you see
when you admire the watch?

Marc Hayek wearing the Jaquet Droz The
Charming Bird
Marc Hayek wearing the
Jaquet Droz The Charming Bird
  “Against a
background of a transparent sapphire dial that allows the onlooker
to admire the complexity of the watch’s gear train, bridges, and
plate, the representation of this songbird is stunningly realistic
down to the tiniest detail. Every part of its body, from its
feathers to its beak and even its eyes, forms an exact reproduction
of the birds’ delicate proportions and magnificent radiance. And we
goe even further than that: thanks to an amazingly intricate
mechanism, the bird turns, flaps its wings, moves its head and
tail, and opens its beak to chirp.” What was the most complex thing
to do? “In The Charming Bird, my team has
succeeded creating a singing automaton by developing a
piston-driven bellows system and miniaturizing the techniques
inherited from the 18th century.” In contrast with the complexity
of, designers have opted for a case of great simplicity …
Marc Hayek: “Yes, made of white gold, it
combines a sober design with a dome-shaped sapphire crystal
specially conceived to enhance the effect of each ray of light that
passes through it. A bridge between past and present, The Charming
Bird represents the apotheosis of the great watchmaker’s creativity
and the longstanding fidelity of the master craftsmen who have
followed in his footsteps.” The Charming Bird
will be produced in a limited edition of 28 pieces, it is an ode to
the rich creativity of the past and the promises of today that
encapsulates the fabulous history of Jaquet Droz. In my eyes the
songbird celebrates the brand’s DNA by reviving the techniques of
the automaton and the miniature and I think this is the most
stunning watch presented this year so far. In the next days I will
post my favorite top ten inventions of this year and this watch
will for sure be among them.   Guys please discover the
The Charming Bird first with this HD-video
    These are my photos I
was able to take from the watch. Unfortunately the light in my
hotel room was not ideal, so I could this time make not better
photos. And, the prototype did not have yet an antireflective glass
… The final version will of course have an antireflective glass
P1030083 P1030084 P1030085 P1030086 P1030087 P1030092 P1030096 P1030097 P1030098 P1030099 P1030100 P1030101   So let me also
add the official Jaquet Droz computer
renderings … J031534240_THE_CHARMING_BIRD_HR_2 J031534240_THE_CHARMING_BIRD_HR_3 J031534240_THE_CHARMING_BIRD_HR   This is the
sound of the Jaquet Droz The
Charming Bird.
Please respect the fact that this is still
a prototype and of course not the final sound version a client will
be able to buy. Marc Hayek´s team told me that they have been able
to improve the sound meanwhile dramatically but they were not able
to assemble a whole new prototype in time to bring it to Shanghai.
But I will among the very first ones to see and hear the final
version. And so you guys will be among the very first ones to
discover this watch.   [soundcloud
width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]   Please enjoy
the teaser I brought back from Shanghai 🙂  

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