The Jaquet Droz Grande Heure GMT reflects the principle “less is more”. This is yet another very particular timepiece.

Jaquet Droz Grande Heure GMT

Two hands and a 24-hour-display is all you need to have the perfect travelers watch. Please discover the Jaquet Droz Grande Heure GMT …

The Swiss Manufacture reinvents the luxury of time with a new classic and also pays tribute to Pierre Jaquet-Droz’s many travels with clean lines, a classic design and precious material.

This new model, featuring perfect legibility for two time zones, completely meets the demands of the modern and stylish globetrotter according to the motto: less is more.

It offers a simple, precise way to read the time in two time zones. The 24 indexes in Arabic numerals set around a Grand Feu enamel dial make it easy to see all the hours of the day in two cities.


Jaquet Droz Grande Heure GMT
Jaquet Droz Grande Heure GMT



Never before has a watch presented such a clear, effortless indication of two zone times. The majestic hands in the form of a compass enhance this technological development. It´s a detail that hints at the navigational instruments used by sailors of another era.

The golden hand indicates local time while the blued steel hand shows the time at the destination. When the two hands come together in the same zone time they merge into a single, bicolored indication of the exact time.

Jaquet Droz shows its commitment to simplicity and practicality in the Grande Heure GMT by boldly choosing a time-setting system with a single crown.

The result is a watch design of distinctive purity, perfectly combining the ivory color of the dial with the rich red gold of the case. Once again: less is more.

Now let´s hope that one day this watch will be available also in steel (or white gold) with a classy and pure white dial. This will then be in my eyes one of the most understated travellers watches I have seen up to date.


Jaquet Droz Grande Heure GMT
Jaquet Droz Grande Heure GMT


The technical datas…


Jaquet Droz Grande Heure GMT






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11 replies on “The Jaquet Droz Grande Heure GMT reflects the principle “less is more”. This is yet another very particular timepiece.”
  1. says: Mezdis

    One may like it, another may not. I personally also like the clear, understated design.
    One point of criticism: JD should have taken more care when rendering the two different hands. The golden hand is showing 16.12 and the blue one 21.20. There is no 8 minute difference between two time zones…

    1. I don’t know but I suppose you can set the hand for the second zone time independently so you can also use the watch in time zones with a 30 or 45 minute deviation. If this is the case the watch was simply not adjusted for the picture correctly. If this is not the case JD has some homework to do…

  2. says: Mustafa

    A very classy watch – but honestly, just speaking for my personal taste, I don’t see any sense in a special travellers watch.

    As a watch enthusiast, it’s a joy for me to get my watch off my wrist to re-adjust it to the destination time and back when I’m on the way home again…

    1. It’s nothing more then a watch that is reduced to the minimum necessary. I like the approach and the execution with only two hands and the 24 hour display. I really fell in love with it… But I assume this is not everyone’s taste.

  3. says: John

    I am a fan of several of JD designs and this is a nice understated gem. I know this may not work for everyone but such is life.

    I agree with you Alex on the ease of which you can determine the two time zones not to mention the interesting hands 😉

    As for a more casual version I am sure that can happen since they already have a non GMT version which I think is in white gold the Grand Heure Onyx.


  4. says: Charles Marshall

    Really? Sorry, guys! In this case, “less is boring!” I prefer a timepiece with a robust personality and character. That’s the kind of watch I want to admire all day long on my wrist.

  5. says: Justin

    What an incredible piece. Jaquet Droz remains my absolute favorite watch house, as they truly live and breathe the adage: less is more.

    And those compass hands – incredible!

  6. says: Peter U.

    I don’t like it.It would take me too long to figure out what time it is. I like to go by the 12 hour time and not 24, sorry this isn’t for me and it also doesn’t have a power reserve indicator . I don’t need a two time zone watch because I am not one of the fortunate people who get to travel , what do I need this watch for ???

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