This is something to laugh at … Not really new, but still very funny …

I was just searching pictures of an IWC that was made for Prada some years ago in my digital archives and I tumbled over this handy comparison chart; it´s dated with the year 2004, so not the newest, but still very funny 

I don´t know who made this comparison and if ever something similar was made. Is this is  the only funny comparison showing the projected image and the actual customer of these brands? I don´t even know when I first saw it, I just can tell you it´s since nine years in my digital archives.

Whatsoever …

Fact is, that I did not see the comparison for quite a while now and I must tell you I had to let out a guffaw 🙂

What do you think, is this still actual?

I have a question: Is any one of you able to make  us a new funny comparison with probably other brands and persons?

Yes you can! Then PLEASE let me know, send your comparison to me and I will publish your new “artwork” here on my blog …

Guys I do hope now you are going to enjoy this little nonsense as I just did 🙂






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  • Very good! That’s why I don’t have a photo on my Twitter and Facebook accounts, so nobody can see what a geek I am.

  • I agree about Rolex, Tag Heuer, IWC and Breitling.

    Patek and Breguet are over-exaggerated.

    Omega is without meaning.

    When is the promised next top ten chart coming out?

    • Let’s say tomorrow … I just come back from a mountain bike tour and later I will go to the Vienna Jazz Festival to see Randy Crawford and Joe Sample. By the way, yesterday I saw gorgeous George Benson and a lot very nice wristwatches in the audience. If today I again will see as much nice watches then there must be a kind of relation in between jazz and watch lovers … 🙂

      Enjoy your Sunday!

      • You really know how to have fun 🙂
        wild guy :))

        Ciao and don’t try to sing during the Jazz music 🙂

        • When you have these musicians in town and they play in the famous Vienna Opera House it is a MUST to go and see them 🙂

          And, sports after watches is my second “religion”, so I just need to move and move and move …

          Tomorrow you get my next list! 🙂

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