Let me ask you: Is the actual Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona still a real men´s watch?

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Everose

I see the high-class cult-chronograph Daytona more and more on women´s wrists and no longer on men´s. Is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona outdated? Let me know what you think…      


I have just released another comment in the comments function dealing with the fact that the Rolex Daytona is no longer seen as a men´s wristwatch. My words in fact, but do you all agree?

As you know I travel a lot and it is one of my big hobbies to look everyone on his wrist. You do not believe what the watch on your wrist can tell me about yourself. Among many other changes I see the Rolex Daytona been worn by more and more women. Either it is the steel Daytona or even much better the Everose-gold version. It seems that the coolest women on earth today all wear the Daytona in Everose-gold with the massive Everose-gold bracelet.


Look what you get when you google “women & Rolex Daytona


Click to enlarge the pictures…


The tonight´s result when you google "women & Rolex Daytona"
The tonight´s result when you google “women & Rolex Daytona


The tonight´s result when you google "women & Rolex Daytona"
The tonight´s result when you google “women & Rolex Daytona


Guys, this is Rolex Hotness! 


In combination with other decorative fashion bracelets this really looks cool. What I see less and less are men wearing a Rolex Daytona. Why? It is no longer a men´s watch, simply to small, to delicate and feminine looking, in one word: outdated. This is what you – off the record – also hear from the trade meanwhile.


So what do you think?

What should Rolex do?

Is it enough to just do a hardware-update as Rolex has done it meanwhile with all the other sport watches?  

Would you like to see an all black more masculine, bigger Daytona made by Rolex and not by one of the watch-tuners?


Not sure yet? Need to see more pictures to get in the mood to post your comment?


Ok, there you go…

Enjoy these pictures!

Enjoy my little Rolex Daytona compilation!


This is the good old steel Daytona…


Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Steel
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Steel
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Steel
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Steel



>>> More versions to be discovered on page 2…



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  • Hi Alexander,
    First let me say I do like your blog as I find it very well written and professional. That said, I am really saddened to see your constant assault on Rolex as a company and Daytona in particular.
    I am not sure what is your issue with Rolex company but I would suggest to leave it “at home” and not bring it to your work.
    I have been reading your blog for about a year and a half and I find it fair to every watch manufacturer with one exception – Rolex.
    Degrading and belittling one particular company over and over again is not constructive criticism and it may cause your loss of credibility on Rolex issues.
    This is my personal opinion and it is not meant to be disrespectful or vicious. Again, this is what I observed over last year and a half.

    • Tom, I fully respect your opinion and I thank you for speaking it out. I am NOT assaulting Rolex, I just have my humble opinion and I dare to speak it out. I can imagine that you are used to read only positive comments and jubilation messages about Rolex. True to the motto: OMG, it is Rolex, so no one may see the things different to the official wording of Rolex. Tom, I do fully respect what Rolex has done in the past and actually does, Rolex is one of the leading watch manufacturers, Rolex is an unbelievable success-story, but meanwhile there are also others playing in the same league and they in my opinion do a better job. I might be the guilty person to have initiated these discussions, but I am quite relaxed since I know many here share my humble opinion…

      • Alexander, thank you for your reply. You are a true professional.
        I do respect your opinion as well, and I am very far from wanting to see only positive comments on Rolex watches. Quite to the contrary, I am all for far more critical reviews of ALL watches. From time to time I do criticize Rolex myself, but I also voice positive opinions about their product. I am just saying that I think you criticize them at all time at any opportunity. I did not notice the same attitude towards any other company.
        I understand that there is a large group of people wanting a big change at the Rolex corp.,but there is IMHO even larger group that do not want any major changes. This group includes myself.
        We do not want vulgar, huge watches made straight for hip hop market or basketball players(just an example),we do not want tens of new models every year, we do not want any significant changes to existing models, sometimes produced for decades.
        We are very happy with a status quo. As Rolex watches collectors and people who actually buy their watches we want them and hope they stay conservative and true to their heritage.
        Rolex sales numbers seam to agree with me.
        God forbidde Rolex would become another Omega(just an example).
        Thank you for an honest discussion.

  • Great topic! The Rolex Daytona is probably the undisputed champion of the chronograph category. Whenever I think chronograph, I think Rolex Daytona.

    Watch case diameters went from 40mm to 46mm five years ago, in rather quick succession, but Rolex did not respond to the trend (not much anyway), realizing (correctly), that the sizes were destined to come back down again. In my opinion, they will most likely respond with a 42mm or 43mm Daytona in an upcoming new release, now that case sizes have stabilized.

    Regarding the ladies v mens discussion, I think women are tired of dainty 28mm-30mm+ watches and want what is commonly called “boyfriend” watches. However, even this trend seems to be on the decline, at least here in the US, and sizes are normalizing for women too.

    I see many women with “manly” Panerais and other large wristwatches. Just because a woman wears a man’s watch, doesn’t detract from the manliness of the watch. If a woman wears a necktie, it doesn’t mean men should now stop wearing ties. But Rolex, if you’re listening, now is the time to move up in size for the Daytona – you can’t fight the long-term trend anymore.

  • What’s the big deal about the size?
    It’s not just about whether it’s still a man’s watch at 40mm, or whether women like wearing that model, it’s also about how much self-confidence a man possess when wearing any watch.
    It is undeniably still a beautiful watch, and 40mm is without a doubt the most comfortable size to wear for all circumstances. You can’t argue with that.
    Moreover, the people at Rolex know what they’re doing; the level of frustration about the next steel Daytona has reached it’s height, so once they launch it, the global response is going to be phenomenal, and I don’t think that they’ll want to disappoint any of us!

  • I have to Agree
    The 40mm case is simply too small
    Rex needs to keep abreast of current trends and in similar fashion to their mid or jnr range offer a 44/46 version
    I live in ASIA so still see a number on men’s wrists here but for larger (chewbacca types) just too small

  • My opinion is that more and more women are interested in wearing a good quality watch
    2. the size of Daytona is a little bit small in comparison with the trend and the 40 and under is perfect fir for a normal constituted woman
    3. the ladies watches are in a great hiatus of keeping value over time (this is a fact not a sexist declaration) and a Rolex is just perfect
    4. more and more women are interested in a reliable companion for a long time
    5. the leadership of Rolex has to do more in coming out to the market with new models diversified as well because little by little the competition is eating the piechart.

    Bravo alex , my hobby is too watching and naming watches from volks hands.

  • Sold my newish steel Daytona 3 years ago & invested in a Paul Newman panda. Attracts a lot more attention , for the right reasons, and is a proper mans watch. It’s all you need plus there’s never going to be oversupply!

  • This is a great topic of discussion and one that I have debated on numerous occasions with both male and female friends over the last 5 to 10 years.

    My view is that contemporary versions of the watch, in precious metals, are now primarily the realm of women in major cosmopolitan cities around the world. This trend has been further exasperated or “pushed” by Rolex themselves who have proactively chosen to release models in colour combinations that no man would ever be interested in wearing (green lizard straps with green dials or pink dials with pink lizard straps) not to mention the models that are covered in precious stones. I don’t think Rolex had male customers in mind when they released the infamous Rainbow version of the Daytona! It was also interesting to see that at Basle this year Rolex made the decision to follow up last year’s 50th anniversary Daytona with not a more traditional male focussed platinum watch (i.e. no precious stones with a classic black or panda dial) but with a fully bedazzled platinum Daytona encrusted with diamonds across the entire face of the watch as well as the bezel. I think that was unfortunate but I’m sure the margins on that watch are enormous when compared to what they would make on a more traditional Daytona style.

    It is, by today’s standards, a modestly sized watch in terms of diameter and has modest depth when compared to other sports watches (even other Rolex sport watches such as the GMT II are chunkier in terms of their overall dimensions). This makes it easy for women to wear. Furthermore, their aggressive targeting of a female demographic make these watches, at best, unisex. Most men don’t like unisex products so that pretty much makes it a female product.

    I think vintage Rolex Daytonas are still “owned” by men, however. I have yet to see a woman wearing a Paul Newman…

    I also still think that the SS Daytona is still a male watch as it tends to be too “cold” for women as they prefer fun colours and precious metals. It also has been historically a more difficult watch to source and women shoppers generally want “instant satisfaction” and don’t like going on waiting lists. However, I don’t think that will last much longer as more and more women want to be seen wearing a Daytona and with the stainless model now being relatively easy to source and less than half the price of a gold one this model will soon be a ladies watch as well…

    All this probably applies, for the most part, to large cosmopolitan cities only. If you are wearing a yellow gold watch in a rural farming community I doubt anyone would call you a girl…LOL!

  • I don’t think the winners at the Daytona 24 would think that it is a women’s watch. ‘-)

  • The whims of fashion come and go but greatness lasts for generations. There is a reason why the Daytona and most all of Rolex watches change little over the decades. Annual sales of about 800k and a very brisk secondary market would seem to confirm this.

  • Hallo all,

    I am waiting for a new Daytona. For me it is not longer up to date. I would like to compare it with the Omega speedmaster. The dark side of the moon was a outstanding succsess for Omega. A mix of modernisation and classic design.
    If Rolex will follow this example we will se another fablous new watch in the upcoming years (hopefully soon).
    I personaly will wait for the update before one will find its way into my collection.



  • In my opinion, the last versions of daytona – especially the light blue sunray dial has a very girly look. Also the fact that bigger size cases have become more and more appreciated to men, makes Daytona a bit outdated. A few years ago Rolex re-designed the iconic “Explorer” which made it bigger without loosing its charm and launch the “deep sea” in 43mm which is an absolute beauty! So my question is:
    – Why they do not consider a bigger Daytona without loosing its original character? (brushed steel – panda looks – even a NEW PAUL NEWMAN version)

    Thank you for your time guys

  • I have seen a lot of women wearing men’s shirts, men’s t-shirts etc. In same manner, I guess most of the women feel it is trendy to wear men’s watches.

  • Still good looking watch for sure (not in the red gold version). But for my arm 43, 44 mm would fit better. However, my wife often wears my “male” watches, even those with 44 mm.

  • My girlfriend wears a hand-wound Radiomir Panerai, does it men that I should stop wearing mine..? I don’t think so!
    But a new more masculine version of the steel Daytona, taking some design clues from older models would be a great improvement!

    • Panerai Radiomirs are a great example of a watch that works for both genders. Sexy lines and generous diameter. Wear them good health (both of you!)

  • I agree with you. The fashion trend of bigger size watch shifted Daytona to category of woman’s watch. Daytona is special and nice watch that looks great and sexy on woman’s wrist. Therefore the men who is owning Daytona has not much possibilities to wear it since the watch is often on the wrist of beloved person. I’m lucky owner of Daytona and despite it is aesthetically and technically great watch I’m not wearing them often. The current Daytona’s are too fleshy and more like jewel. I personally prefer old style Paul Newman Daytona or at least Zenith dial – white & black.

  • Interesting post Alex!

    As a matter of fact, the Daytona is still for me the number one chronograph.
    The movement is one of the Best reliable in house movement with correct power reserve.

    People love it , it is a watch still quite hard to obtain and very rare in AD´s windows.

    Women wear it because it´s a trend to wear men’s watches.

    Since 2000, the latest version is much more polished, and looks more luxury, wich is Rolex choice.
    It happens to please both men and Women which is quite unique

    I think it´s time people at Rolex offer a new steel version because it hasńt much changed in 15 years

    I would love to see a fully brushed SS with Ceramic bezel and panda or even PN dial .

    It would look more masculine and more professional ( like the submariner )

  • In my opinion, you are not a real man when you think that if ladies start wearing daytonas, men should end wearing them 😉

    The daytona may be outdated in terms of some technical aspects, as it still uses screw-down pushers etc.

    I hope that RSA will not introduce black cases und will maintain the peasent size of the current daytona.

  • Nowadays it’s nearly impossible to make a Watch only for men.

    Greetings from

  • I think fewer metal surfaces and perhaps fewer polished surfaces would make the Daytona more attractive for men. For starters it shouldn’t be too long before there is a steel Cerachrom Daytona. It would be a mistake to fiddle with the dial too much but Panda and reverse Panda dials would be a nice sporty touch, and would make this watch more maculine again. A brushed case would be too much to ask and wouldn’t work with the current case design but I would welcome it if Rolex decided to introduce a “new” Daytona.

  • They look manly enough for me with the possible exceptions of the diamond versions. I think the ladies are just going for larger watches. Maybe Daytona and maybe other timepieces too. Personally, I’d wear the Daytona any time any where.

  • Confirm, last week a young mother in a plane wore a red golden Rolex (or fake?) with Diamonds. Not my cup of tea. My problem with these watches is that for me they look like their own fake.

  • I have to agree that the new models trend to attract woman. but on the other hand the new Daytona Everose is very masculine and my preferred of the new models. I have an old Daytona with the original Zenith movement and I do not think that this watch is feminine and if woman are wearing it even better. Just because woman are attracted does not mean we can not wear it anymore. I know woman who wear the Omega Speedmaster or the Rolex Explorer, it is just the trend that woman want to wear more sporty watches and not the tiny Cartier or JLC with a Quartz movement where you can hardly read the time.

  • I have to agree with you! I think its a very sexy look when women wear it. But as a consequence, I no longer see the Daytona as a men’s watch anymore. I’m sure it still looks good on certain men, but I need something more masculine for myself. It might be time to see the caliber 4130 in a new model…

    • HI AMIR

  • I think it’s a woman’s watch by today’s standards. I see quite a bit of women wearing it just as you do. Problem is, I don’t a restyling would work on the time piece. Neither would a blacked out version for one simple reason: The Fastrider. On Tudors website, there it is, a styled watch that is far similar to the Daytona, blacked out with red accents. I feel there would be some resistance to get a black Daytona simply because you can find it in the sister brand for fraction of the price.

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