Let´s open up the holiday season with this: The Swatch Christmas Special 2013 is going to be delivered very soon to the retail

Red Knit Swatch Christmas Special 2013

I know it is still much too early to start with these kind of Christmas stories. But who knows, you might like the limited Swatch Christmas Special 2013, the packaging and its playful little provocation inside…

This might now soon be reality: one cold autumn/winter morning you wake up, throw back the curtains, and … snow! Big fluffy snowflakes have covered everything in sight with a lovely, soft white blanket. It’s unbelievably beautiful.

Inspired by the woollies that keep you warm in wintertime and that are so very fashionable these days, Swatch has created an enchanting and beautiful holiday companion.

Red Knit is a romantic New Gent-model, decorated with wintery signs and symbols; the bracelet’s vibrant red and white fabric matches perfectly. At the center of the dial is a golden reindeer, dotted with flakes of falling snow.

Red Knit comes in a snowy white box with a red and white bow. And for those extra-cold nights, there’s a little something extra hidden in the box: wrapped in a woven red cozy decorated with reindeer, snowflakes and lacy white hearts, is a hot water bottle!

That´s a playful little provocation from Swatch, Red Knit is a warm and heart-warming present for the one you choose to share your love.

But do not act just some days before Christmas since Red Knit is only available in a limited and numbered edition of 14,999 pieces.

Model: New Gent (SUOZ172S)

Dial: shiny red with white prints and a glossy gold-colored reindeer

Case: solid mat red plastic

Bracelet: woven red fabric with white and gold-colored decorative pattern

The price: 90 Euro here in Austria including 20 % VAT.


Red Knit Swatch Christmas Special 2013
Red Knit Swatch Christmas Special 2013
Red Knit Swatch Christmas Special 2013
Red Knit Swatch Christmas Special 2013
Red Knit Swatch Christmas Special 2013
Red Knit Swatch Christmas Special 2013
Red Knit Swatch Christmas Special 2013
Red Knit Swatch Christmas Special 2013






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  • I like it!

    Can I get one before the Christmas shopping season?

    Hope so.

    And hope the strap will fit my ample wrist. ‘-)

  • If the swatch group didn’t overhype it’s products all the time there wouldn’t be the frustration evident in the above comments but I suppose they call it good marketing and creating a buzz ??

  • On december 15,
    I will have my personal first Sistem51 watch.
    So christmas doesn’t have to be postponed for me, smile.

    Best regards!

  • Hi Alexander,
    I hope you recognize the full amount of bad decisions in the Sistem 51 marketing.
    You can not announce such a watch one year in advance and then not working hard enough to built it.
    The only reason you will find some in Switzerland this year is the promise of Nick Hayek


    (28th minute)

    I hope the swatch group will caution those responsible and try to make best out of this disaster.
    It will definitely cost a lot of money due to loosing the Christmas sales

    • Danny, why do you see things so negative? Spitefulness? The fact that a Swatch with such a revolutionary, automatic calibre is being produced for only 120 Euro is a real sensation. I don’t see any problem waiting for the product a little longer.

      Officially nothing about the Sistem 51 has been communicated yet to a greater public and only some aficionados due to my and some colleagues journalists curiosity know about it. You should blame me (us) and not Swatch. Maybe I (we) just should not provide you with such information anymore 🙂

      What I hear is that the so long produced quantities of the five Sistem 51 models are just not sufficient to deliver enough product to all markets before Christmas. We are talking about hundreds of thousands pieces and so there will be the global launch later. Then everyone who is willing to by this Swatch will get one. Now the Swiss are privileged, they are the lucky guys…

      Maybe this is even the better way of starting that business. Frustrating potential Sistem 51 buyers is no good business model either. And why should someone line up for a Swatch for 120 Euro? If you can not buy the Swatch when you want, you will probably just not buy it. If you are interested anyway, you will also buy later. This is no matter of the holiday season…

      This Swatch is a real watchmaking REVOLUTION. At least I am willing to wait some weeks longer. Anticipation is the best pleasure!

      • No not spitefulness! I like many watches from Swatch Group and I am very happy to see real innovation happening from the different brands like the Omega 15000 Gauss wich is live definitely stunning.

        I am not happy with a whole Industry that is not interested in being on schedule. So it is not just Swatch and for me its kind of impolite.
        Sadly we do not know why it is not working to assemble the watches fast enough but I am quite sure the responsible person(s) will have enough trouble.

        I like the Information you create and you should definitely go on. Maybe with a few new pictures of the other Swatch designs soon.
        Your blog is quite interesting , because you talk to the people in charge and you get an inner view of the industry.

        • It’s true what you say, the watch industry is often late. I got used to it, I do not longer complain, this might explain my point of view. For sure they would have liked the Sistem 51 in the retail before the holiday season…

          • Yup, I have gotten used to it also.

            Speaking of the 51, our local Swatch boutique let us know it was delayed even more from what they originally thought. Bummer!

            Oh well. The way I now choose to look at it now is the anticipation will just keep building. I still want it, I’ll just have to wait for it patiently.

            Like lots of other watches I’ve seen in magazines that appear in the market maybe, 4-6 months later from official announcement.

    • Alex,

      Swatch stores themselves have been pushing and telling everyone about this watch since summer, showing pictures and getting names and numbers trying to presell them for the ‘October Launch’. It doesnt take a watch geek or journalist to know about it, when they have been showing people coming into the stores for 6 months now. Once again Swatch has dropped the ball and made a bad choice. They cant even get their launch graphics to the store on time for the launches! Whats the point of a date if you cant get your act together?

    • The big launch of the SWATCH Sistem 51is postponed until spring next year. In a couple of weeks only Switzerland will see the first Sistem 51 in Swatch Boutiques. Small quantities and I don’t know which of the five models planed will be delivered. All other countries must wait… Lucky Swiss!!!

  • Alexander, thanks for sharing.
    Nice little watch, as every year.

    Buuuuttttt: Where is the Sistem51?

    Any news?

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