Listen to me talking to Peter Stas, CEO of Frédérique Constant and Alpina, and discover a world premiere

It´s a family business! Aletta and Peter Stas own Frédérique Constant and Alpina and believe me they do a great job. Both brands offer excellent mechanical watches at an entry price level. It´s all about affordable luxury …

I see Aletta and Peter Stas on a regular basis. Today in the morning I met Peter in Plan-les-Ouates (a suburb of Geneva also called “Plan-les-Watches” since you find a very high concentration of watch manufacturers there 🙂 ) at the headquarters of Frédérique Constant and Alpina. Peter showed me his 2013 novelties and he gave me an overlook how his family business is performing. Sales for Frédérique Constant in 2012 went up at 10,3 % and for Alpine at 35 %. Frédérique Constant and Alpina sell all over the world, the strongest market are the United States followed by Russia and Switzerland. Frédérique Constant meanwhile sells is 2600 stores. Frédérique Constant sold more than 100.000 watches last year and Alpina more than 7500.

For me the strength of Frédérique Constant and Alpina is that the two brands never left their very attractive entry price level whilst competitors tried to do so. Those competitors who could not resist and all the sudden wanted to compete with the real big ones of the industry almost failed. Today these competitors of Frédérique Constant and Alpina go through a painful restructuring process and they lost a lot of market shares.

Peter always defended the entry price level; together with his wife Aletta and all his employees he stayed with his feet on the ground.

Offering affordable luxury not automatically means that you don´t get real in-house mechanical movements.

Frédérique Constant and Alpina meanwhile offer a remarkable range of in-house designed and produced movements and some very interesting small complications. The spectrum starts with hand wound calibres and ends with a tourbillon.


Listen what Peter and I discussed this morning at the Frédérique Constant and Alpina headquarters.

Among other things we spoke it was thrilling for me to get Peter´s personal outlook for the year 2013 …


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Peter Stas proudly showing me his brand new Frédérique Constant “Slimline Manufacture Moonphase”…





This is a world premiere! Check out the very first pictures of a wristwatch Aletta and Peter Stas will only present at the Baselworld 2013 end of April this year.

The good-looking Frédérique Constant “Slimline Manufacture Moonphase” was still a prototype and not a market ready product yet. But still my pictures give you a hint where the 2013-Frédérique Constant-journey will head to…

The main themes are: classicism and tradition.

The new 42 mm big Frédérique Constant “Slimline Manufacture Moonphase”, with an in-house automatic movement, will sell in a steel case for 2450 Euros including taxes.


Once again, this is a prototype and not a market ready watch yet!  












One last remark: Alpina celebrates its 130 anniversary this year. So you can expect some real cool watches… 🙂 Curious now? Listen to the interview with Peter, if you have not done yet …






  • Alexander what a great interview! I found it very interesting and informative. You have given me reason to look a little closer at the new Alpina chronograph that was mentioned along with some of the more classic designs of Frédérique Constant.

    I hope you will seek to do a tour of Frédérique Constant and Alpina as you did with Glashutte Original.

    Keep up the great work!

    All the best

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