First live taken pictures from the blue Swatch Sistem51

Swatch Sistem51 Blue SUTS401

My friend David who lives in Switzerland already bought the new Swatch Sistem51 for 150 Swiss Francs yesterday. Let me show you his first pictures of his blue Swatch Sistem51 and let me resume his first impressions…

David was amazed about the lightness of his Swatch Sistem51. “In the beginning”, he says, “you can not believe that you are wearing a mechanical watch.”

The 42 mm size seem to be ideal for me and this is also what David confirmed me: “The watch just fits perfect on the wrist.”

You can wind the Swatch Sistem51 manually but you cannot stop the second hand from ticking (hack the watch), so it is difficult to set the exact time if you wish.

In terms of accuracy the official seven seconds a day seem to be the worst case. David says, “the deviation actually is much less.” For all the official technical details please click HERE

You also clearly hear the new Swatch ticking (21.600 A/h = 3 Hz) when it is silent around you, “but it is not a noisy timepiece.”

The feeling David says, “was like in 1983 when I bought my very first Swatch. The Sistem51 is a great watch and it´s 100% Swiss made.”

David is collecting Swatch for more than 20 years now and says: “As a Swiss I am happy and proud to see Swatch being back on the track so strong, a couple of years ago I thought it´s over and we Swiss have to say good-bye to Swatch…”

To enlarge David´s pictures please click on them once and then again …


Swatch Sistem51 Blue SUTS401
Swatch Sistem51 Blue SUTS401
Swatch Sistem51 Blue SUTS401
Swatch Sistem51 Blue SUTS401
Swatch Sistem51 Blue SUTS401
Swatch Sistem51 Blue SUTS401
Swatch Sistem51 Blue SUTS401
Swatch Sistem51 Blue SUTS401
Swatch Sistem51 Blue SUTS401
Swatch Sistem51 Blue SUTS401
Swatch Sistem51 Blue SUTS401
Swatch Sistem51 Blue SUTS401
Swatch Sistem51 Blue SUTS401
Swatch Sistem51 Blue SUTS401
Swatch Sistem51 Blue SUTS401
Swatch Sistem51 Blue SUTS401


Thank you David!

Guys, what do you think? Isn´t this a real cool (S)watch?

I can´t wait to get one …





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  • Markus

    I have the red one but: is that noisy winding normal??

    • That’s normal! What you hear is the winding sound. There is no “noise reduction” due to the plastic case. So no worries …

      • Paco

        Alexander, please any info on its worldwide release? ?? Im in México city….and very much look forward to buying the black for me and blue for my wife….I dont want to pay 250 plus dollars to speculators on ebay. …

        • I think the international launch is planed in spring, so DO NOT buy the Swatch Sistem51 for 250plus USD! The official price is 120 Euro or 150 CHF. I will now send an email to Nick Hayek to ask him and let you know what he told me…

        • I asked Nick Hayek by email and this is what he just wrote me: “Be patient wait and see …we do our best…” In other words you will still have to wait a while, but I assume you will be able to buy your Sistem51 before summer this year. Sorry that I don’t have better news for you…

        • Paco

          thanks for always answering personally…I very much like your work and follow the page daily

  • Danny

    Now I am happy the watch could not been bought in Germany yet! I got it for christmas (the black one) and this watch is a game changer for cheap mechanical watches! Very nice!

  • Alice

    Hei 😉
    I`m from Switzerland and for christmas I get the Sistem51.
    It`s pretty cool. Can somebody tells me what the design shows?

    • Yes, the lines simply link the various positions of pinions and stones of the movement.

      Merry Christmas!

      • Alice

        Thank you!! 🙂
        Is there a different between the red and the white points?

  • vivian

    It’s only available in the 42mm size? That’s unfortunate, as my wrists are tiny. I wish Swatch would also release Sistem51 in a 34mm to 37mm size. That would be perfect.

  • Steve Cseplo

    Love the front and especially the back. Can’t wait to buy one. Then the only question will be which color?

  • Lenversducadran

    They say (swatch) that it will be release in other countries in 2014, probably the first few months. If you want to see the red one, you can check on my facebook page !

  • Peter Bert

    Great Looking Watches, yes even Mechanical ?? Please let me know where to order one ?? Living in the Philippines at the moment, but can I order one out of the USA ???

  • Roy

    Does anyone know when it will be available in the UK Swatch shops please?

  • Jason

    Thanks Alex, great work this year, have a super Xmas .

  • Alberto

    Looking forward to add it in my collection.

    • Paco

      yeah me too…in the meantime 3 or 4 mechanicals of other brands will fall into my hands…..hahaha

  • Itai

    Definitely a new era to the watch world. I will probably buy one, just to tell my grand children I was on of the first to own one..

  • Alexander Herzog

    Very cool and, yes… iconic… watch. Can’t wait to buy one in Vienna

  • franz

    Nice pictures of a nice watch,

    but why have they choosen silicone for the strap? as proven by the pictures above, this is always a dust magnet…

    • David

      Franz, the black model has a leather strap. But for everyday and partially careless use, the rubber is just perfect.

  • clement

    What about asia…when will it reach our shores… one of the best pieces from swatch…good job…

  • Rich

    They are pretty cool. Seems like a fun watch.

  • Tom

    I am hesitating between this blue one or the more posh black one. I like the “astrological” lines on the dial.

  • Jason

    Can’t wait for them to come to the UK. Are their other colours?

    • Please check my other post … There are four different models …