Mechanical, Swiss Made / Made in Germany and inexpensive! A first choice of ten ticking good deals I was able to discover during Baselworld 2015

This is me, Alexander the watch.insider, sitting in the press center tonight...

In the upcoming days and weeks I will present you again and again real good deals for your wrists. Please don´t expect me to mention all possible brands and choices already today… There is more to come!


All these wristwatches are equipped with a mechanical calibre and they are either Swiss made or Made in Germany.

What makes them so special is actually their price. In my eyes you get real value for money without making any compromise in terms of design, image and quality.

This is my first choice for you, I am quite sure that there is at least one favourite watch for everyone reading this article among the ten ticking good deals  …


Do you agree? What do you think, isn´t this real value for money?

Please let me know!


And once again: This is of course only a first incomplete choice of ten possible watches to be featured under the title: Mechanical, Swiss Made / Made in Germany and inexpensive!

The watches are shown in alphabetical order, so this is not a ranking!



Certina DS Eagle Chronograph – Automatic … starting at 1680 CHF and equipped with an automatic ETA C01.211 chronograph movement.

Certina DS Eagle Chronograph - Automatic
Certina DS Eagle Chronograph – Automatic


Frédérique Constant Classics Manufacture Worldtimer Blue … a useful world timer when travelling equipped with an in-house calibre for 3276 CHF

Frederique Constant Classics Manufacture Worldtimer Blue
Frederique Constant Classics Manufacture Worldtimer Blue


Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 … you get a real particular design for almost no money… 1425 CHF

Hamilton Ventura Elvis80
Hamilton Ventura Elvis80


Longines Conquest Classic Moonphase … full calendar, moon phase-, 24-h-indication and chronograph for only 2630 Euro

Longines Conquest Classic Moonphase
Longines Conquest Classic Moonphase


MIDO Commander Chronograph Caliber 60 … a sporty chronograph in a cool design equipped with the former ETA 7753 that now offers 60 hours of power reserve for 1830 Euro

MIDO Commander Chronograph Caliber 60
MIDO Commander Chronograph Caliber 60


Nomos Tangente Automatik … the iconic Tangente from the Saxon manufacturer now equipped with the new in-house produced automatic calibre 3001 (including own assortment) for 2600 Euro

Nomos Tangente Automatik
Nomos Tangente Automatik


Oris Divers Sixty-Five … a very cool retro-diver selling for 1750 Euro with Sellita SW 200-1

Oris Divers Sixty-Five
Oris Divers Sixty-Five


TAG Heuer Formula 1 DAVID GUETTA … automatic Sellita GMT/UTC-calibre, cool look and dedicated to DJ-superstar David Guetta for 2200 Euro

TAG Heuer Formula 1 DAVID  GUETTA
TAG Heuer Formula 1 DAVID GUETTA


Tissot Vintage … good looking, 80 hours of power reserve and a 18-carat red gold case (!) for 2395 CHF

Tissot Vintage Gent
Tissot Vintage


Tudor Pelagos Blue … the newest shooting star with the new in-house calibre MT 5612 (with a non-magnetic silicon balance spring) will be sold for 3740 Euro and include two bracelets and a rubber strap extension

Tudor Pelagos Blue
Tudor Pelagos Blue











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15 replies on “Mechanical, Swiss Made / Made in Germany and inexpensive! A first choice of ten ticking good deals I was able to discover during Baselworld 2015”
  1. says: Thomas

    Alex, what a unique choice. Most of the watches I have seen for the first time like the Tissot or Cortina. But my preference would be Oris or Cortina. But have to admit the Tissot must be the cheapest, or better most attractive by money terms;golden watch in the market.

  2. says: Jim Bart

    Is the Certina DS Eagle Chronograph Automatic for sale in the USA. What is the price in dollars?

  3. says: Tom A.

    Perfectly nice selection though while you cannot be expected to list all brands, it would be good to examine some smaller yet interesting brands. For example, Damasko. Check them out, real deep engineering and innovations, and their top line even jas their own inhouse movement.

    From the more traditional brands I also think that Rado has a few very attractive semi affordable models made with great materials.

  4. says: Hans

    Tissot Vintage is a good looking watch, perfect dating watch for men with no money try to get a good looking lady like your partner Hublot ambassador Bar.

  5. says: Pedro Maiz Creel

    Tissot “red” gold case…Isn’t it rose or pink gold? This is the classical type an older guy like me would wear.

      1. says: Alex

        Sorry, Alex, not correct. Red gold is more red than pink or rose gold. In Switzerland, we have several definitions for our gold alloys: 1N14, 2N18, 3N18, 4N18 and 5N18. The number before the letter N stands for the color, the number after the N denominates the karat (14 = 14K, 18 = 18K). 1N is a very pale yellow, not really common anymore as we do not use a lot of 14K gold, 2N is a very strong yellow gold (I would call it in German “Trompetengold”), 3N is a warm yellow, 4N is rose/pink, 5N is red.
        In addition to that, many companies started to use their own secret alloys: Hublot with the scratch-proof gold, Rolex with the very reddish gold (that would be like a 5N18).

        1. My intention was never to distinguish all the existing nuances of gold. I only wanted to point out how you may call that kind of gold in general… Of course I know exactly what you are writing about and I do thank you for this excellent overview! BRAVO!

  6. says: Evert

    Very interesting selection Alexander. The Frédérique Constant with a complicated manufacture movement at this amazing low price is definately the champion for me. Tudor was once meant to be an affordable alternative for Rolex. With an in house movement at a price point Rolex was at only a few years ago, I think it misses the point. But Tudor always has the freedom to experiment, so why not?

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