I also met Robert Greubel & Stephen Forsey today at the SIHH 2013

The two watchmakers are doing an exceptional work for years now. Their timepieces are all limited and sold to a very demanding and wealthy clientel worldwide.

There is one project actually been launched called Art Piece 1 Double Tourbillon that is done with the micro-sculptor Willard Wiga. I could not take pictures of it so I will present the watch later this year to you.


But I was able to photograph  three other outstanding novelties of Greubel Forsey here at the SIHH 2013:


The Double Tourbillon technique black

The Contemporaine

The Double Balancier


First of all let me show you the two masterminds Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey.


Robert Greubel




Stephen Forsey




And now the watches:

Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon technique black

Price 490.000 CHF excluding taxes


_DSC1313 _DSC1315 _DSC1316 _DSC1317 _DSC1318 _DSC1319 _DSC1322


Greubel Forsey The Contemporaine

Price: 418.000 CHF excluding taxes


_DSC1324 _DSC1325 _DSC1326 _DSC1327 _DSC1328 _DSC1329 _DSC1330 _DSC1331 _DSC1332 _DSC1333 _DSC1334 _DSC1335 _DSC1336 _DSC1337 _DSC1338 _DSC1339 _DSC1340


Greubel Forsey Double Balancier

Price: 390.000 CHF excluding taxes


_DSC1341 _DSC1342 _DSC1343




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