These are the novelties 2013 of IWC presented at the SIHH in Geneva

You all of course know that at IWC the year 2013 is the year of the Ingenieur. I do invite you to take some time to discover the new IWC watches together with me.

This morning André Häusler, Product Group Manager, and Martin Rohrbach, Junior Project Manager at IWC showed the new Ingenieur collection. I took a lot of photographs and just decided to upload all of them. I will quickly introduce the watch give you the price and then you should be able to discover the different Ingenieur by your self …

Thank you guys!!

Please enjoy the novelties …

IWC Ingenieur Automatic 40 mm. This is the only new Ingenieur that has an inner soft iron case that protects the watch against magnetic fields. Former IWC Ingenieur models were protected against 80.000 A/m, the new one now only has a protection for 40.000 A/m. Less protection means more elegance in this case. The thicker the inner soft iron case is, the thicker also the watch is in the end. This Ingenieur is equipped with a Sellita SW 300 Automatic Movement. Price: 5850 Euros with taxes







IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Silberpfeil 45 mm, a chronograph with an in-house movement with brown or silver dial. Price: 11.600 Euros with taxes.








IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Racer 45 mm, a chronograph with an in-house movement with grey or silver dial. Price: 11.600 Euros with taxes.












IWC Ingenieur Doppelchronograph Titan 45 mm, a split-second chronograph based on the ETA 7750 with the IWC split-second module on top, available with grey and silver dial embedded in a titanium grade 2 case. Price: 11.000 Euros with taxes.










IWC Ingenieur Dual Time Titan 45 mm, a second time zone indication based on a Sellita automatic movement topped with an IWC-module embedded in a titanium grade 2 case. Price: 7750 Euros including taxes.











IWC Ingenieur Carbon Performance 46 mm, a three hands watch equipped with an in-house automatic 80110 movement, limited to 100 pieces in yellow and 100 pieces in red. I only show the yellow version. Price: 23.200 Euros including taxes












IWC Ingenieur Automatic AMG Black Series Ceramic 46 mm, a three hands watch equipped with an in-house automatic 80110 movement. Price: 11.800 Euros including taxes.











IWC Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month 46 mm, the in-house 89802 calibre is embedded in a titanaluminid case. Price: 43.800 Euros including taxes




















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  • Dear Alexander,

    First, thank you so much for your amazing blog. I am an avid fan! As for the IWC Ingenieur collection, I am baffled. There are watches in the collection priced at almost 6000 or 8000 Euros equipped with calibers that are bought. Has IWC become a life-style brand that believes its customers are ill informed? I would like to hear your thoughts! Thank you.



    • IWC has become very much manufacture in the last years. The amount of in-house calibres has increased dramatically. Unfortunately for IWC the brand until today produces no smaller automatic movement, so it has to rely on movements from outside. Sellita movements in reality are not as black as they are painted. Richemont works closely with Sellita. The quality of these movements is defined by Richemont and already controlled in the Sellita factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds. IWC wished to produce a more or less flat and small Ingenieur with an inner soft iron case, so IWC had to use a Sellita movement.
      Concerning the Valjoux 7750 building the basis for the split second chronograph, you should know that IWC many years ago had developed it´s own module that perfectly works with the 7750. So why change it?

      • Thank you for your insight and information!!! The concern I had geared primarily towards the hight price. There is no doubt that the Valijoux 7750 is one of the most widely used and reliable calibers with its own history. Maybe a separate post on how IWC modifies its non-inhouse movements might be fascinating?!

        • All about modifications and treatment of non in-house movements at IWC you can find at the official IWC-forum on the homepage of IWC. In the last years many before you had risen this question and many answers had been posted. Please find your answers there …


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