Omega & Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Some insights how timekeeping works in Rio.

Omega´s new Scan 'O' Vision Myria
Omega´s new Scan 'O' Vision Myria

Omega is the official timekeeper of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Some 450 tons of timekeeping material have been brought to Rio. Interested? Click on “read more” to get more insights …  


It is a huge logistical effort Omega is doing for these few days…

When the difference between gold and silver comes down to ever decreasing margins, the timekeeper, must always stay ahead of the game.

All technology Omega uses in Rio comes from the Swatch Group company Swiss Timing. Click >>> HERE <<< to learn more about Swiss Timing.

Swiss Timing, the Swatch Group sister company of Omega, is responsible for the development of all kind of timing equipment and today one of the world technology leaders. Click >>> HERE <<< to get more information.


These are some figures that are quite amazing …


Omega´s Presence at the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio
Omega´s Presence at the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio


This is how the 100 meters sprint timing works …



Scan ‘O’ Vision Myria

The new photofinisher camera can take up to 10.000 digital images per second. The high-tech camera makes its début in Rio …


Omega´s new Scan 'O' Vision Myria
Omega´s new Scan ‘O’ Vision Myria


This is how the 100 meters freestyle timing works …



And of course the Omega-guests must be received in an appropriate way. This is a quick look into the Omega House at Rio 2016



There is more to come! Stay tuned!





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  • The video related to my favourite event 100 metres sprint as well as the video of 100 metres freestyle timing are simply awesome to say the least, thanks Alexander!

  • Thank you for the insights. The technology is not earth shattering but the really hard part is getting it right the first time every time. Reliability and accuracy is all important. I hope you are there helping out the beleaguered Brazilian economy and having a great time too!

    In Victoria!

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